Taking advantage of the escalating conflict between Bonta and Brakmar, both cities' defenders are busy preaching the gospel wherever they go. As propaganda abounds, Twelvians can't step outside without getting harangued by enraged – sorry, engaged adventurers who are keen to sing the praises of their fair city…

Do you have terrible hygiene, get into brawls fairly regularly, eat your boogers, only change your underwear when the swarm of flies around you gets too much, and take malicious delight in pushing grannies into prickly plants?

You should be proud! You have all the makings of a socially unacceptable citizen! If you haven't already done so:


Even though there's nothing left to prove, we wanted to brainwa… er, remind you why the Dark City is the only one worth defending (and, incidentally, why Bonta should be blown up once and for all).


We Were Here First

Let's first bury some of the baseless rumors being spread (and those spreading them).

To the north-west of the Cania Plains, you might hear the absurd and fanciful assertion that a certain White City was the first to be built, even before Brakmar. Ha ha ha! HA HA HA! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Isn't that just hilarious?

Remember one thing: The next fool who tries to claim anything like this will end up as bow wow food.

Have you had enough of nauseatingly soft architecture, never-ending white stone towers, blue roof tiles, and other fussy frills that snooty Bontarians like to wax lyrical about? In that case, you should take a look at what's happening in the south-west of our beautiful Amaknean continent… 

So? Mind blowing, right?! The great thing about metal is that everyone can hear you coming from kilokametres away. And as you surely know, we like noise in Brakmar!

They say that the metal used to build this little architectural marvel was forged directly in the magmatic bowels of the Sidimote Moors. They also say it's still burning in some parts. So it's not uncommon to see Brakmarians with rather rosy complexions in the Anvil area. Although gossips will say that the culprit is actually the Atolmond beer served up by the owner of the inn of the same name. The only way to learn the truth is to go and try it yourself.  

Established on Septangel 12 in the year 24 (note that this is MUCH EARLIER than the year 25… just saying!) by that little rascal Djaul in honor of Rushu (yes, that Rushu… the demon lord, the one who invaded the World of Twelve with his army of nasty Shushus, as was necessary), Brakmar has delighted us ever since with its inimitable style and ruthless world.

On this day every year, Brakmarians go crazy. Well, not literally (this time). Okay, to be honest, sometimes one or two go on a complete rampage. But it just adds to the party atmosphere! And that's just a small detail among all the joy and passion of this special day…

As a rule, the festivities end with a mass brawl. After all, is there anything better than a massive fight to bring such a day to a fitting close? Aaaah, those Brakmarians… They really know how to party!

Our Notorious Slums

In Brakmar, if you turn down a dark alley (which is all of them), there's a strong chance you will have an unpleasant encounter… However, unlike what you might hear, not all Brakmarians want to take your life! They're usually more interested in taking your money, mount, or even your clothes… So, please stop making it sound worse than it actually is!

That said, it should be pointed out that there is one whose intentions are as dark as his fur… The one simply known as Black, the leader of the Brakmar Rats, is only interested in one thing: conquering the Dark City to finally be able to live on the surface!

To achieve their goals, it's said that the rats have subverted the traps laid by Brakmarians against the Brakmarians themselves. They are also more than happy to get help from mimice (by sacrificing them, for example) and to conduct somewhat sadistic experiments on Brakmarians in their quest to find the ultimate pest control for all surface dwellers!

Black also harbors the secret fantasy to domesticate the inhabitants of the Dark City some day and make them his pets.

Think about that the next time you walk the network of pipes that runs through the Brakmar Sewers…

With a penchant for celebrating, fermented beverages and tasty grub, Brakmarians are often the life and soul of the party. But this doesn't apply to everyone because, well, can you really be the life of the party if you're… undead? If you ever decide to visit the Tower of Brakmar, you have a good chance of coming face to face with Domen the Dark.

Impossible, you say, because all the members of the Triumvirate he belonged to mysteriously vanished. Many even believe they are all dead. In fact, this may not be entirely true… 

It's said that the ghost of Domen haunts the city. Locked up in the Brakmar jails by Oto Mustam because of disagreements within the Triumvirate, Brumaire's representative now directs his propaganda against the dictator of Brakmar while having fun terrifying the young militia recruits.

Adventurers with Guts

Hungry? Head to the Bworkball Inn, run by Krachan Porterr, the father of the Brakmar Gobbowl team's captain!

This is where the Bravenous, desperate for food before their matches so they can boost their aggressiveness on the field, go to fill their bellies (and quench their thirst, naturally!).

At the Burnt Cat Inn you can fill up on generous portions of wonderfully rich food.

You'll not find two salad leaves holding hands at the bottom of your plate here, unlike in certain puffed up places frequented by Bontarian snobs! Pickled lousy pigs ears, fried tripe donuts, and gobball kidney casserole are among the specialties popular with Brakmarians.

It's best to have a full gut when gutting the enemy!

An Uncompromising Militia

In Brakmar, you can count on one POW's severed hand the number of adventurers without a price on their head. So you should stop by the wanted notices room, which can be found in the Breastplate area. Who knows? Maybe you'll find your own mugshot there!

Are you looking to join the ranks of the Brakmarian army? No problem! But you should know that the training is long and dangerous… Many have burnt their wings before being able to proudly display the flamboyant red ones of the Brakmarian Warrior… 

Did You Know?

To travel between areas of the Dark City, a clever cable car network has recently been constructed. From the comfort of a Chafer-skull cabin, you can enjoy some of the bleakest landscapes and dreariest scenery you've ever seen.

Djaul himself makes frequent visits to the Dark City. It's an opportunity for the protector of Descendre to take a good deep breath of stale sulfurous air and re-energize…

Of course, Brakmarian life is not just one long holiday. But deep down, doesn't that sound like music to your ears? Sleeping, unwinding, taking care of yourself… Life is too short to waste it on all that nonsense! In Brakmar, we all know that time is precious and that every second brings us closer to death… for the next enemy that crosses our path!

What are you waiting for? Wave the Brakmarian flag now!