Given the chance, do you think you have the pipes to rally the troops of your city? Or even the pen?
Prove it by submitting your best Bonta/Brakmar battle cry for a chance to win a Bontarian or a Brakmarian banner!

Like a fire constantly stoked, the conflict between the White City and Dark City has endured for eons and gradually consumes anyone who gets too close. It is simply part of daily life for Twelvians, so much so that they no longer wonder about how it all started. All it took was a recent and unexpected surge of hatred to reawaken the deepest of buried memories

Anything could happen.
The question is, would you be there for your city? Would you know what to say or chant to motivate your allies and instil fear in your enemies? Could you make your city proud and come up with a slogan that would echo through the halls and resonate through time, being handed down through the years, because your words captured a piece of the reality of being a Bontarian/Brakmarian?

From now until Friday, December 17 at 2 p.m. CET, shout out to the opposition so everyone knows which is the best City!


Up for grabs: the Bontarian Banner and the Brakmarian Banner
Please n​​​​ote that both banners are equipped via the costume slot of your character's inventory. They are not ceremonial cloaks or backpacks. 
Bontarian Banner
Brakmarian Banner

How to participate

  • Write a war cry/slogan for your city. It can be a rallying quote, a motivational slogan, a one-liner roast, whatever you think will work. Just leave the long-winded essays and letters to Amayiro and Oto-Mustam!
  • Reply on the correct thread below to get your hands on the banner of your dreams.
Bontarian Battle Cry Brakmarian Battle Cry


  • Each entry must comply with Ankama's ToU and the forum rules. 
  • Each participant can only enter this contest once. Those entering both Bonta and Brakmar participation threads will be disqualified.
  • All participations must be submitted in the indicated forum topics. Participations submitted as a reply to this giveaway announcement will not be considered. 
  • All valid entries belonging to the English-speaking international community* will receive the banner associated with the city thread they participated in. 
  • The winners will be announced on Friday, December 17, before 6 p.m. CET.

* accounts not belonging to the French, Spanish, Portuguese-Brasilian communities.