From Friday, January 14 (3 p.m. Paris time) to Monday, January 17 (3 p.m. Paris time), we are giving you the chance to take on a cute but cunning little animal that hides precious stones in his nostrils and wears a wig made of kokokonut fiber to conceal a receding hairline. (You still there... ?)

Centuries ago,maybe even millennia, a creature just a few centikametres high with big round eyes like an owl took up residence in the Tree Keeholo Foliage. What's the secret to the long life of the one known as Kimbo? Some say it was a pact signed with Sadida himself. Others claim it's thanks to a plumping cream made from kokoko oil. There are also many who believe Kimbo's immortality stems from living in the very heart of the oldest tree in the World of Twelve. Hmm… makes sense!

Whatever the truth, Kimbo is the last of his kind. A people that lived in the great primordial forest during the Primitive Era. A people that lived alongside the dragon Terrakourial himself.

Knowing this, you might want to protect Kimbo and wish him no harm. You might… On the other hand, you probably want to get your hands on a shield and a title to scare the bejeezus out of any softies you come across, right?

If that sounds like fun, head to Kimbo's Canopy on Otomai Island from 3 p.m. (Paris time) on Friday, January 14, until 3 p.m. (Paris time) on Monday, January 17. If you have no qualms in attacking an ancestral creature with eyes that could melt the hardest of hearts, you can come away with a Trophy Kimbo Shield, which gives you the title of Kimbo Slayer!

* The Trophy Kimbo Shield can only be obtained by battling Kimbo in this boss's dungeon (arena fights don't count), and you'll receive it immediately after the fight. Its drop rate is 10%, which can only be modified through prospecting or through challenge bonuses. This unique item is equipped like a standard shield and it doesn't grant any stats to the wearer. You can't obtain it if you already have it in your inventory.