You've been waiting impatiently for the new season of the year's first in-game event: the great rush to collect lucky figurines from the emblematic Thwee Kings Cake. Who will get Wa Odanowth's Cwown? His cloak? His sword? His prestigious titles? His… shield (yippee, a new item!)? Find out at the end of the new season of Game of Crowns!

From Thursday, January 6 at 3:00 p.m. (Paris time) to 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, January 20, you can fight the royal bosses in their dungeons to collect lucky figurines (and maybe more, who knows?) once they've been defeated.

Whatever your level, there's a crown to fit your head because the chosen bosses come in all different strengths: levels 30, 80, 140 and 200. Obviously, the harder they are to defeat, the more lucky figurines you'll collect, and the more prestigious your title* for the year will be!

So don't hold back! Give 'em what for!

To see how you're stacking up in this epic race for lucky figurines, check how many you have in your inventory.


Ah, yes, perhaps it would have been more useful to provide a list of bosses participating in this Game of Crowns. Here you go:

  • Royal Gobball
  • Kwakwa
  • Royal Coco Blop, Royal Morello Cherry Blop, Royal Indigo Blop & Royal Pippin Blop**
  • Royal Blue Jelly, Royal Lemon Jelly, Royal Strawberry Jelly & Royal Mint Jelly***
  • Wa Wabbit
  • Wa Wobot
  • Rac Queen
  • Royal Rainbow Blop**
  • Fraktal
  • Royal Mastogob
  • Royal Tofu
  • Royal Pingwin
  • Tengu Snowfoux
  • Celestial Bearbarian
  • Dantinea
  • Dazahk Freezammer
  • Queen of Thieves
  • King Nidas
  • Queen Amirukam
  • King Imagami


  • Title: Epiphony 652 (starting from 168 lucky figurines 112 lucky figurines)
  • Title: Lucky-Charm Collector 652 (starting from 504 lucky figurines 336 lucky figurines)
  • Title: Kwing or Kween for a Day 652 (starting from 1,008 lucky figurines 672 lucky figurines)
  • Wa Odanowth's Cwown (collectible as a rare drop, not linked to your account)
  • Wa Odanowth's Cloak (collectible as a rare drop, not linked to your account)
  • Wa Odanowth's Sword (collectible as a rare drop, not linked to your account)
  • Wa Odanowth Shield (collectible as a rare drop, not linked to your account) (New!)
(Is it just me, or does that shield really take the cake?!)

Join us for this event starting today. It's sure to be crowned with success yet again!


* Titles are to be collected in exchange for lucky figurines from the NPC Wa Egon in Madrestam Harbour at [9,-2] before the event ends.

** When fighting the Royal Rainbow Blop, you also face four other Royal Blops. However, they are not the "bosses" for the fight and will not give you any lucky figurines…

*** You also can't get lucky figurines from Royal Jellies by fighting several of them in the Jellieth Dimension.