Guess who's coming over for dinner tonight? 2022! To welcome him in style, we're going to have to load the buffet table high with treats, like we did for 2021. How's that? Forgotten already, have you? How about taking a stroll down memory lane through the most striking events in DOFUS in connection with Ankama's 20th anniversary? Let's go!

We are about to turn a page… And not just any page, either! This year was a very special year for us.  It marked Ankama's 20th anniversary, which is quite something, even if we do say so ourselves! Admittedly, 2021 aged us quite a bit… And yet, are we going to slow down the pace, pull out the walker and start collecting porcelain bow wows? Ha ha ha! Of course not. Quite the contrary!

Just like in that song by the famous bard from the World of Twelve: nothing's impossible if you believe, nothing can stop you from what you'll achieve... One thing is sure, though: Without you, none of what we've accomplished over the past two decades would have been possible!

Over the past twelve months, we threw ourselves headfirst into celebrating this major milestone in Ankama's history in DOFUS. We weren't content to hang up balloons, throw confetti, and bake rainbow cakes (that said, we've got to confess that "free loot" in the form of croissants has been more common than usual this year…).

For Ankama's 20th anniversary, the played the fun card first by offering you Temporis VI on DOFUS in line with the one you liked so much. After the Rise of the Scrollsayers, they also got their Revenge… and kept shaking things up with their spells!

Ankama's 20th anniversary year was also a chance for you to get in on some great opportunities to make it even further in the game: an unlimited dungeon weekend, a globally pre-sentient weekend, a double combat XP weekend, and even a +25% profession XP bonus week that let you boost your characters' abilities even more!

2021 also let us shine a spotlight on The Eternal Conflict that has been raging between the rival cities of Bonta the White and Brakmar the Dark since their birth. It was an opportunity for us to tackle a major project: the massive and tricky overhaul of those two emblematic monuments in the World of Twelve…

Well? It's epically awesome, don't you think?!

As far as community challenges go, we went all out with the Panty Fighter that kept the gallery laughing with the Panty Party emote! (Fine, yes, we're technically 20 years old but really only 12 in our hearts.) There was also the 20th anniversary Dungeon Rusher that opened the doors to the dungeons of the most fearsome creatures in the World of Twelve for you: Soft Oak, Ush, Dragon Pig, and even Dantinea. By the way, did you come out of that alive or…?

Blowing out our 20 candles was a heady and emotional rite of passage. By offering you the Candleblaster ceremonial pet, we let you in turn declare your burning love for the World of Twelve and the Krosmoz universe as a whole (even though some said you couldn't hold a candle to your rivals, but hey, haters gonna hate… ignore them) and make sure that this anniversary celebration never ends…

Not to mention the many gifts that were given out in the shop, like the fleeting Meteor emote, the Bonta & Brakmar banners, and the cutest of cute Kwismas reindeer so aptly named… Kwismas Reindeer!

So many feelings… so many feelings! Do you have something in your eyes, too? Dry your tears because the next chapter being written will be full of surprises for you too! When it comes to adventures, encounters and new surprises, 2022 will have its fill. You can count on that!


We wish you an audacious and marvelous new year!