For many years now, and in 2021 especially, the KTA has been thrilling us with dozens of tournaments. Read on to learn more about the DOFUS competition schedule in 2022!

Created in 2018 alongside the Dofus World Series, the KTA has since evolved and grown to take the helm. In late November, we witnessed the final of Dofus Masters 2021 on a LAN in Paris and on Twitch, in which Steinway beat PoliAbyss to win the lion's share of the €20,000 prize pool. You can watch this video to re-experience the event!

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With a tried and tested formula and a few improvements, rest assured you can continue to live and breathe PvP in 2022…Check out the schedule without further ado!

Dofus Leagues

The Dofus Leagues return in 2022. There are still three leagues – Gold, Silver and Bronze – but there have been some changes to improve the player and spectator experience!

Dofus Leagues Qualifier

The leagues separate teams by level, and teams are promoted or relegated throughout the season. Therefore, there needs to be an initial classification at the start of the year, which is the role of the the first tournament of the year – the Dofus Leagues Qualifier!Registration is already open, and you can also read all the rules on the tournament page. You have until January 20 to register your entry into the arena!

After rounds and double-elimination finals, the top eight teams will earn the rank of Gold, the next 10 the rank of Silver, and all others will earn the rank of Bronze, with several divisions. If you were familiar with the KTA last year, you need to be aware of what's changed. And that's what we'll help with now!

Dofus Leagues Tournament

After the Qualifier stage, four Dofus Leagues Tournament rounds will take place. These are tournaments that take place simultaneously in each of the leagues with the teams divided into separate groups. These tournaments will take place from March to July.

The Dofus Championships are for Gold-ranked teams: only the current top eight teams can take part. This is the new name for the Gold League Championships, but very few changes have been made other than a move to a gauntlet format for the final stages.

The Silver Championships are brand-new for KTA 2022 for the 10 Silver teams! Replacing the Silver League Tournaments, these tournaments will allow for more teams and an enhanced "league 2" in the deep end of the championship format.

With five times fewer teams than last year, the Silver rank will therefore be harder to attain and will be the first major achievement for teams that earn it!

The rank of Bronze remains in the KTA, and its tournaments are becoming the Bronze Tournament, in keeping with their spirit of being open to everyone!

But take note: the Bronze League is actually split into four divisions, with the first three being 50, 75 and 100 in size respectively, and the last one unlimited. These divisions allow for better separation of teams per level while adding more progress thresholds. It will therefore be possible to change division during the tournament based on performance, so you can rapidly climb the rankings.

If you still have questions, don't worry: We will share detailed information on the Dofus Leagues Tournaments before the first edition starts. Remember, right now the priority is the Dofus Leagues Qualifier!

DOFUS World Cup

After the leagues phase and a summer break in August, we return in September with the biggest tournament of the year: the Dofus World Cup 2022!

Team Rafale are the reigning world champions. Who will take the crown this year?

Once again, all the information you need will be shared before the event.

DOFUS Masters

In November, the Dofus Masters is reserved for the elite teams, namely the top 16 PvP teams of the year. Participation in this tournament is therefore the ultimate goal of all the top competitors, and many will obviously be left disappointed!

The qualification requirements are explained on the rules page of the KTA website.

More Info…

Tournament Server

As always, the KTA tournaments are played on the tournament server where everyone has access to all 18 classes at level 200 with all the game's equipment and a bonus of 1 AP/MP/Range. So, your talent will be the only deciding factor!


All KTA matches start with a draft phase where the teams determine which classes will be played through a "pick and ban" phase. It's therefore recommended to master most of the game's classes for the best performances, but you can also focus on your favorite classes to have fun!


Throughout the year, there are a wide range of rewards to be won for performing well at the KTA. There were over €40,000 in cash prizes to be won in 2021. How's that for motivation?!

Team banners were also reintroduced last year with Emperor and Solary. Others will be available throughout the year for the top teams, so you can support your favorite players directly!


The KTA involves thousands of players who enter tournaments but also the many spectators watching on different streams who follow the competition, especially on KTV, which broadcasts the biggest matches throughout the year!

If you also want to stream the KTA, you can! Go to the KTA Discord server and contact one of the "Head Staff" to put in a request.

Social Media

It's highly recommended to follow the KTA on its social media channels to avoid missing anything!

  • Twitter: For all Dofus eSport news
  • Discord: If you are entering the tournaments, it's highly recommended to join the server because many announcements are made on it
  • Website: Rules, registration, tournament results… all information about Dofus eSport is available on the KTA website!
Season 6 of the KTA has started. All you need to do to take part is register for the Dofus Leagues Qualifier!