She's got nothing left to prove when it comes to her role in maintaining the balance of the seasons. To complete the mission the god Xelor himself gave her, once a year, she even fights one of the worst demons ever. Would you like to show your support for the person behind the construction of Bonta? Get the Jiva Pack!

Shortly after his clock was created, when the moment came to divide time, the god Xelor did it nice and cleanly. With his small, delicate hands, he crafted hours, which when brought together in groups of 24, formed days, which when put end to end, formed months. Twelve months for which the deities collectively and carefully chose a trustworthy guardian (except for one of them, but we'll come back to him later…).

Every year, there's a daunting task for the protector of the month of Javian, the first month of the year: dampen the fervor of that crazy Djaul and prevent him from stepping on her toes. Around that time, the cheer and festivities of the Clockwork Ball quickly give way to a slightly more tense, even icy atmosphere. Jiva and the demon engage in a merciless battle, with the former fending off the latter with all her might, and the latter rudely insisting, not hesitating for a second to "get his foot in the door" to cut short the first month of the year, thus prolonging the cold of Descendre.

Oh, yes! Demons are just great at crashing parties without an invitation! But the servant of Rushu has the bad habit of forgetting that his opponent is also a fiery character! Just to remind you, this is she who didn't hesitate to build a city (with help from one or two friends) to face down a bunch of demons. And don't forget that when fighting Djaul, Jiva isn't really on her own… In the shadows, mysterious creatures are busy helping her out – the Meridia, those lesser gods who give each day of the Krosmic calendar its own distinct flavor. That means the guardian of Javian can rely on Orage to give her flashes of genius. Yvad is always there to help her sling mud at the demon, and Inkola is there to send emanations of the most embarrassing diseases ever his way.

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If you want to start the year off nicely, you can get a pack inspired by the coldest beauty in the Krosmoz. The Jiva pack is available in the store now through Wednesday, January 26. It contains:

  • a Jiva set including Jiva's Golden Horns, Jiva's Radiant Aegis, Jiva's Azure Locks (ceremonial), 
  • a Javian Spirit pet,
  • and a Jiva's Frozen Lance emote.

Each item will be linked to the account for six months, and all the items are on sale together for €9.99 or 10,000 OG.

So, the Jiva Pack…?