It's a Retro-style Temporis adventure! The pre-registration period is over, and the time to make a name for yourself on the battlefield is almost here… So get ready!

To those who answered the call to fight, thank you!

The god Iop is rubbing his hands together in anticipation. Out on the field of honor, you'll be duty-bound to impress him! Now, here is the breakdown of pre-registered players by class.

The god of war may have taken control of the first Temporis to take place in DOFUS Retro, but the Iop class is also your top pick for this punch-packing experience. Our takeaway: The Bash Ups, Bang Ups & Brawling adventure promises to be a brutal one!

Thank you once again for your enthusiasm as this inaugural DOFUS Retro event approaches!

We'll see you on Wednesday, February 2 at 3:00 PM for the start of the festivities.

Let Bash Ups, Bang Ups & Brawling into your heart!