Make no mistake: Love for the Krosmoz and for Ankama's creations has no borders, and certainly no language barriers! We present the result of a lengthy undertaking: a replay, subtitled in three languages, of the live segment of KrosmoNote 2021! Now available to view on our YouTube channel.

We hosted the special KrosmoNote conference on our Twitch channel a few weeks ago. Many of you tuned in to, or have watched a replay of, the live segment devoted to projects slated for 2022. Unfortunately, many have been unable to fully enjoy this, as it was previously only available in French. But that's all in the past! A replay of the announcement segment of KrosmoNote 2021 now offers subtitles in English, Spanish, and Portuguese!

Spare a thought for our translators who did the long and painstaking work of completely re-transcribing a show of this size in three languages.

Check it out now!