It's a new month, and that means a new protector pack! This time we're offering one inspired by a very gentle being who can talk to plants (no, it's not Francis Lalande). We're of course referring to the famed master of cuttings: Silvosse!

Let's not beat around the burning bush: Silvosse is the quintessential strong, romantic male. He's a kind-hearted and sensitive soul, wrapped in a thick layer of muscle. This protector knows every plant, whether they're climbing, succulent, bulbous, or a weed (though he'd argue there's no such thing as a weed), having gone so far as to give each one a sweet little nickname.

As Flovor appears on the horizon, Silvosse pops up as well, delicately freeing the souls of flora depleted by the cold of Javian. Then he blows on their frosty remains so they can fly up to the higher planes of Ingloriom, where the god Sadida and goddess Eniripsa collect them to make soothing herbal infusions with myriad medicinal properties. As the gods are known for indulging, Pandawa appreciates the bamboo shoot concoction that his comrades make him the morning after Saint Potrick.

Meanwhile, the protector of Flovor has been gathering buds and saplings to prepare cuttings in anticipation of the warmer months. After this, he'll be careful to replant them in soil rich with clay, sand, or limestone, according to their needs. If you had any lingering doubt about Silvosse's benevolence, that has been firmly laid to rest!

Silvosse fully expresses his sensitivity thanks to the Meridia of Tears, Tolgnas, whose influence is most active during the Flovor Bawl. If you're flustered by this eminently mild pretty boy, keep in mind that Duf, Meridia of Luv, plays a part in his temperament… That is, Duf directly influences the protector of Flovor, providing him with the love required to best care for plant life. Then there's Eritem, the Meridia of Chilblains, who helps him to benumb the lumberjack's limbs when they overuse their axe, while Kilistin, the Meridia of Violence, occasionally incites him to take more aggressive measures…

Want to express your devotion to the one known as "master of cuttings"? The Silvosse Pack is available in the store now through Wednesday, February 16 (11:59 p.m. Paris time). It contains:

  • The Silvosse Set, which consists of: Silvosse's Robust Headband (headgear); Silvosse's Plant Mantle (cloak); and Silvosse's Gnarled Bark (shield)
  • A Flovor Spirit pet
  • The Cycle of Silvosse emote

Each item will be linked to the account for six months, and all the items are on sale together for €9.99 or 10,000 OG.

Ready to harvest this new pack?