You are about to witness a major milestone in the history of DOFUS Retro: The first ever Temporis Retro adventure is beginning! Enter the game now to declare your love for glory and fighting!  

The Bash Ups, Bang Ups & Brawling adventure is underway! Log in to the Temporis Retro servers now!

Would you like your praises to be sung as far as Ingloriom, by Iop himself? Fair warning: He's not the best singer… But if you insist, we've got just the thing to boost your chances of victory!

Our new mouse pad representing Temporis Retro will join you for the length of this intense adventure. With a design that oozes rough and tumble, it's sure to inspire you. Comfortable to the touch, it will take care of your precious forearm and wrist. Providing the optimal conditions to take down your opponents!

We strongly recommend looking around the shop to take advantage of the services and rentals available at discounted rates for this new adventure!


  • The Mimisymbiop: an unlimited mimisymbic, specially designed for this Temporis Retro event, which you can use to change your appearance (can only be used on Temporis Retro servers; won't be returned once the temporary servers close). Unlike the classic mimisymbic which is only returned if the mimisymbic'ed item is a ceremonial item, the Mimisymbiop will be returned in all cases, whether you use it on a ceremonial item or on a stat item. Mimisymbiops also come in packs of three.
  • An infinite color change potion that will allow you to change your colors at will for the duration of the Temporis adventure!(can only be used on Temporis Retro servers; won't be returned once the temporary servers close).
  • A Heartthrob Pack containing: 3 mimisymbiops, an infinite color change potion, and your choice of one of these 4 rental ceremonial sets:
    • Dragarmour headgear + cloak + shield
    • Buccaneer headgear + cloak + shield
    • Ogrine Digger headgear + cloak + shield
    • Tooschuss headgear + cloak + shield

Be aware that the set can only be assigned to Temporis Retro servers and will not be returned after the event ends.



  • Polykrome Solomonk
  • Polykrome Adventurer Hat
  • Polykrome Kritter
  • Polykrome Soft Oak Hat
  • Polykrome Lorko Kasko
  • Polykrome Crocodyl Dandy's Hat
  • Polykrome Old Soft Oak Headgear
  • Polykrome Kannipiwi
  • Polykrome Mitch Shroom
  • Sacrier Shield
  • Dragarmour Set (shield + cloak + headgear)
  • Buccaneer Set (shield + cloak + headgear)
  • Tooschuss Set (shield + cloak + headgear)
  • Ogrine Digger Set (shield + cloak + headgear)
  • Livitinem cloak + headgear

We remind you that rented items will only be available during Temporis Retro and can only be used on Temporis Retro servers. They will not be transferred to the regular Retro servers after the end of Temporis.



And while we have your attention, the Tempo Retro Pack is still available in the shop!


Let Bash Ups, Bang Ups & Brawling into your heart!