Got a broken heart or a heart of stone and no use for silly Saint Ballotwine? Does Duf have no effect on you (besides making you want to open up your peers when you should be opening up to them)? Reject the expectation to love, and get the Heartbreaker Set!

Do displays of affection, sweet nothings, and sappy tunes give you the creeps? Does the sight of lovebirds smooching on a park bench make you nauseous? Are you repelled by the sickly smell of chocolates?

Here's the diagnosis: You have what's commonly known as "Crackler Heart Syndrome".

Show everyone how much you loathe demonstrations of love by getting your own ceremonial Heartbreaker Set. Consisting of a Kworrel Cape (cloak), a Heartbreaker Hat (headgear), a pair of Love's Woes (shoulder pads), and a Reluctant Heart (shield), it will be available in the shop for €7.99 or 8,000 ogrines until Sunday, February 27 (11:59 p.m. CET). The whole set will be linked to the account for six months.


If you despise romance but wouldn't mind exploiting it for your own benefit, log in to the game by Thursday, February 17 and take part in the Saint Ballotwine event. For the occasion, you can give Chocrosis Gobballs an extra-strong hug and they'll offer up some tasty rewards!