He's ruled over the World of Twelve's dynasty of feathered friends for decades now. Despite his menacing glare, he has a lenient and even soft side rarely seen in other monarchs… All the more so in this large stuffed version! Ready to settle in under the Royal Tofu's wing?

Ladies and gentlebirds, rejoice: His Majesty the Royal Tofu is joining our family of cuddly companions! Prepare your feasts and adornments, for this news is sure to occasion much celebration among collectors of creatures stuffed with synthetic down (no piwis were plucked in the making of this plushie).

Many a thief and vagabond has attempted to steal his crown, but they've all ended up as dead as a dodo! Needless to say, the crowned head of the tofu family isn't the type to let those ne'er-do-wells ruffle his feathers that easily. In any case, unlike some rulers who are mocked and detested by the ordinary folk, the Royal Tofu is universally loved for his soft side and his willingness to take the weakest of his subjects under his wing.