Time to crack open a bottle of Pandapils: There's a new pack in the shop! Check out the Pandikaze Pack, which is meant for renegades, people who refuse to be gobblies (that describes you all, right?). 

If you're strong-willed and refuse to act like a gobbly, then this pack – inspired by the most extreme Pandissidents in the mountains of Aerdala – was made for you. Others say it was actually inspired by you… Who can say! This pack contains:

  • A 2-month subscription
  • A magical orb (account-linked; only applied to one character)
  • A chameleon Set of the Resistance, including: a Time-Out Shield which gives you the title of "A Pandi That Resists", a Trickerchief (headgear), and a Pandoracape (cloak); each item linked to the account for 62 days
  • A chameleon Pandiscamp pet (also linked to the account for 62 days) and its growth hormone
    • Soul-Eater - 400 Vitality (+40 increased abilities); feeds exclusively on Pandits
    • Number to kill for 1 characteristic point:
      • Pandit, Pandikaze, Pandulum: 30
      • Aerial Pandikaze: 20
      • Giddy Pandikaze: 15
      • Pandulkaze, Pandikwakaze: 10
      • Pandikaze Warrior: 8
      • Pandora Master: 2
      • Pandikaze Ghost, Pandulum Ghost: 3
      • Pandora Ghost, Pandora: 1
  • A color change potion (linked to the account)

How's that sound to you?

Pick up a Pandikaze Pack from the shop for €24.99.


If you decide to assign these items to one of the Temporis servers, they will be returned to your gift interface once the Temporis servers close.