Welcome back to this new Ankama Live series!
For this first episode, Djinn, DUSK, Papinaut, and Sastip kicked off the 1-hour long stream by jumping right into what was on everyone’s mind: the DOFUS Retro Temporis launch!

For this write up, we have decided to bring forward more details and clarity to some of the points that were discussed during the live.

How did the launch go for the team?

Overall, it went really well, be it the operational aspect, the servers, and the gameplay itself, and the players loved it. The feedback we've had so far has been very positive overall.

We obviously have also received not-so-positive feedback, which we to take onboard. Even after the launch of the adventure, we're still listening to the community in terms of their Retro Temporis game experience (which allows us to fix any last minute issues that might arise).

The team was very responsive to the various problems that came up last Wednesday (Feb 2). The next day, most of the big problems were fixed. There are of course a few small glitches that remained but most of them have been corrected during this week’s server maintenance.

After a week, there are still a lot of people having fun, the streams are still very, very active! We're also getting a lot of surprises in terms of classes, because people are discovering the power of some of them and that's really cool to see.

A Temporis launch is always a lot of preparation. We try to anticipate as many things as possible, but the game is also to be there and to be present during the first hours and days to try to correct things that we hadn't necessarily anticipated. Are there any things that come to mind from your last nights?

One that comes to mind specifically was the fact that we could go and buy belts at the Sadida temple - which I think everyone knows what I'm talking about - and that was something we didn't see coming at all. 

The game is huge, and we've already spent a lot of time trying to understand and set up what we were doing for Temporis. And then to understand what the possible regressions are, possible abuses, etc... we got owned.

This was corrected with this week’s server maintenance, even after last week’s emergency adjustment to control the situation until we could deploy a proper fix and patch it. This is typically the kind of situation that emphasizes the sheer importance of listening to the community and following up on their feedback because players are the ones who will test all the possibilities.

It goes without saying that we do test the content internally, but once a Temporis server is launched, we find ourselves with tens of thousands of people testing it at the same time, so inevitably bugs that we hadn't anticipated will be found. During the few hours that people can exploit these bugs, it can be a bit scary, and sometimes some players feel we are not proactive enough but it is once again important to remind everyone that our primary goals is to find appropriate fixes that do not penalize players, and that takes time.

Where are the players in the Temporis Retro adventure? Do you have any statistics?

  • Before the weekend, the average level was around level 40.
  • With the now weekend over, the average level of players is around level 79. The median level is around 74. This means that not everyone is level 150, as you would expect with a x3 bonus!
  • Another fun fact, and it is a real challenge on Temporis Retro, one that a lot of players have really struggled with: the Sponge Mob fight, with the 1200 HP Raul Mops.
  • A little under 800 limbo wands were dropped.

For the game experience we want for our players, where it is a little bit easier than it is at the moment for them to drop equipment, we are still reviewing the drop rate values, but note that they will still be pretty rare!


Are we already talking about a server merge?

We're actively monitoring the population on the servers and we're really happy with how things are going and how many people are coming back.

We certainly won’t be merging the servers this week or next, but we are unable to give you a date as of now. Just know that once we have determined a date for the Temporis servers to merge, we will let you know well in advance.

What happened with the Kwoan server?

When we opened the servers, we had backup servers ready in case there was a big problem we didn't anticipate, and one was accidentally opened after a server reboot. And by the time we realised this, there were already hundreds of players who had infiltrated.

Some of these players had already bought things from the DOFUS Retro shop, they had already progressed through the game and we didn't want to penalize them; it's not their fault that they ventured onto a server that wasn't supposed to be opened to begin with. It's not an ideal situation. For the moment, we consider that it's part of the Temporis Retro experience like the other servers.

It's important to know that the relics are a much more complicated matter for this server because it's a mechanic that requires a lot of fights per minute to ensure that there is a sufficient chance to drop the relics. Of course, we are planning to help the on this front, since we need to be able to make up for the lack of players on the server.

Shall we talk about the Goultarminator?

The KTA, who is preparing the Goultarminator with us and who will manage the event, will be present at the Ankama Live on February 23rd to talk about it in more detail.


Small note: a lot of questions asked in the stream chat can be answered with the information detailed in this week’s changelog.

Will there be any Kralove openings on the servers?

We want open Kralove to help the community get access to this dungeon. However, we don't want to do it when it's not convenient for the community. This dungeon is a huge source of XP on classic Retro servers and even more so on a x3 XP and loot server, which is not the experience we want.

What will happen to the Dofus and dungeon relics when the Temporis Retro server merges?

So for the Dofus, those that were purchased will be kept by the buyer.

For the relics, we haven't yet decided. It is likely, but again not yet decided, that all exotic challenges that have been unlocked on server A will be unlocked as standard on the post merge server A will find itself in. It will be cumulative to avoid penalizing those who had unlocked challenges.

Are there any upcoming changes to the classes for Temporis Retro?

Looking at the community’s feedback, we see that the Ecaflip and Sacrier classes are considered less good than the others and we're following up on that. Nothing has been defined yet, but we are looking into it.

How does the XP potion, that will be distributed as a reward at the end of Temporis, works?

The experience rewarded is calculated according to the number of tempokens players have collected during their experience.

We have defined tiers according to this maximum number of tempokens and at each tier that we have defined, you will reach a certain level.

We have defined four tiers: levels 60, 90, 120, and 150.

For example, if you amassed 1500 tempokens, your potion will give you the equivalent XP for a 1 to 60 level progression on a Retro classic server.

After passing a level requirement, if the amount of Tempokens obtained is not sufficient to gain the equivalent XP for the next character level, the surplus is given back as an "experience boost" to appropriately reflect the player's investment.

We don’t share all the Tempoken tiers and associate values just yet because we are still analysing the progression curves and we might adjust them to ensure you get a fair equivalent. (Since we first came up with this Temporis concept, we have changed the tiers several times already). Rest assured we will announce it once we are confident the values are fair for your time and efforts. <3

XP potion - not 1:1 between Temporis and Classic, and not usable beyond level 10

Temporis servers are a way to bring people to the game. The goal is to convert Temporis players into classic server players and, in all honesty, to boost the Retro server populations a bit.

For these players, who are not used to a retro experience, it's complicated: diminished in power, zero kamas, no equipment, it's hyper frustrating and discouraging.

We want to give them the tools and the possibility to start at a certain point, with a special set, which allows them to start playing on the server (while respecting the players who need to invest 1 year to reach the same level as someone who played on Temporis 2 months, let’s not forget!) comfortably, and eventually to be able to insert themselves in the economy and community.

If the servers were really new and there was almost no 200 level characters, it would be a big shortcut and advantage, but the majority of the retro classic community is very well established on the retro servers today and are mostly high level, so it's not going to disrupt their habits: at worst it'll just bring them friends and fellow adventures.

We just want people to have fun once they've had fun, we want them to continue to enjoy the experience.

Comparing it to DOFUS 2 Temporis XP potions is also not equitable as the experience there is so accelerated that even without much, players have the opportunity to catch up more independently.


The maximum level a player will be able to obtain with their XP potion, if they get all tempokens, is level 150 and, with the “experience boost” they could reach a little over level 160. There will be a cap on the maximum level possible.

We don't want players to be able to reach level 200 on a classic Retro server after the Temporis experience with a double-click one XP potion:

  • We want Temporis Retro players to come to Retro classic and still have things to do.
  • Reaching the maximum number of tempokens is already a big investment and is the equivalent of reaching level 160.
  • Aside from the XP potion, we'll also give players a starter set (linked to the character) whose bonus and level will be proportional to their experience potion, whose goal is to help the player integrate the new server. This bonus can only be obtained by equipping all 5 pieces, as they do not provide individual stats.
  • Players who are already active on the classic servers, where there is no x3 drop and XP bonus, have been grinding for their XP.
  • The wisdom ratios make for an entirely faster game experience to begin with - 3:1 on classic vs 1:1 on Temporis Retro – making it incomparable and unequivocally impossible for a 100% XP potion to be fair.


However, a Temporis XP potion can only be used on a character below level 10 on a classic retro server, to avoid impactful exploitations of the XP gains. Why? Because the goal isn’t to create a Temporis server where the XP potion will allow a player to gain more XP than what they would have gained had you to stayed on a classic server for the same amount of effort.  

And on that final point, we want to make something clear: we are so used to speaking openly with you all that we should have been a lot clearer with you that details aren’t set in stone. We really wanted to explain our point about new players the care we put into integrating them into classic servers after Temporis and our focus was mainly on that during the conversation.

We have noticed and heard your comments everywhere about our decision to impose a level 10 cap on the XP potion at the end of the Temporis Retro experience and we take this opportunity to tell you we’re planning to go to the drawing board to reassess these details  anyway (even for us it seemed a bit harsh) and we’ll get back to you at some point next week with our decision. 

We should have agreed and determined this before the Temporis servers opening but, you know us: we like to keep some flexibility so that we can adapt, adjust, and improve your Temporis experience to maximize your enjoyment!

We hope this summary and added details were able to bring more clarity to some of your questions. If not, by all means ask your questions below and we will get back to you.

Until then, keep in mind that the next Ankama Live will be on February 23 and we will welcome the KTA team to talk all things Goultarminator!