The rustling of leaves. The silhouette of a chestnut burr armed to the teeth. A malignant presence. The latest update, Bosking in Evil, invites you into the underbrush of the Evil Forest. And we invite you to watch the livestream that deals with it!

Dark Vlad used to be Lord of the Evil Forest, but he just passed the torch to a Iop who's as petulant as her predecessor. Hell Mina challenges anyone to enter the territory she's promised to watch over… The future is assured.

These folks would be happy to see you, though! Join Logan, Djinn, and the DOFUS team on Tuesday, March 8 at 2:30 .p.m CET on our Twitch channel for a special livestream about Update 2.63: Bosking in Evil.

The livestream will be split in two parts :

  • A first part focusing on the new features and content available in the update;
  • A second part focusing on class and equipment balance (including new and old items).

Like our previous livestreams, it will be hosted in French, but English summaries will be offered as the stream proceeds.

Many of these elements will be developed in devblogs, which will be available once the stream is over.

In the meantime, feel free to watch or rewatch the recently unveiled trailer!

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