Discover in this news the tournament rules for the Goultarminator.

Participation and Registration

Registration for the Temporis Goultarminator event in DOFUS Retro will be done by guild.

Each player participating in the Goultarminator for a guild must create an account on our partner KTA's website.

The player designated as the Captain of each team will register the team for the event. For each registered player, the Captain must provide:

  • the name of the guild
  • name of the server
  • the character's nickname
  • the character's class
  • the player's status as starter or substitute

To be valid, a team must have at least 12 starting players, each representing a different class. Substitutes can also be registered, one for each class. Each participant, whether a starter or substitute, must have reached level 150 or higher and be a member of the same guild. The guild must be at least level 30. These conditions must be met at the time of registration.

Only one team may be registered per guild.

Once registrations have started, players who wish to participate in the tournament must not change their in-game character or guild nicknames until the March 16th maintenance. Any changes during this period will cause the team to be disqualified.

The Tournament

Tournament Details

  • The entire tournament will take place on a server opened especially for this event. The data imported to the server will be based on the March 16th maintenance.
  • The server is closed to spectators, except for special authorizations granted by the organizers.
  • Each team represents its guild and consists of 12 to 24 players: one representative for each class, and one optional substitute player per class.
  • Each guild's class representatives will be divided into 4 teams of 3 players.
  • Any guild that does not have at least one representative for each class, i.e. at least 12 starting players, cannot join the competition.
  • Incomplete teams are not permitted to fight. Any such team will be considered as having forfeited.
  • An NPC will be available to allow participants to reset their characteristics as often as they like on the tournament server for no charge.
  • All temporary bonuses (candies etc.), incarnations and transformations will be automatically taken away from characters when they enter the tournament arena.
  • All bonuses associated with Temporis Retro (class passives, Glutton) will be deactivated.
  • Each participant will have access to a stable on the tournament server where level-100 chameleon dragoturkey mounts will be placed in advance. The NPC Goultard will offer teleportation to the stable. Only the following Dragoturkeys will be available:
    • Armoured Dragoturkey
  • Almond Dragoturkey
  • Almond and Orchid Dragoturkey
  • Almond and Crimson Dragoturkey
  • Almond and Ebony Dragoturkey
  • Almond and Indigo Dragoturkey
  • Almond and Ivory Dragoturkey
  • Emerald and Ginger Dragoturkey
  • Emerald and Plum Dragoturkey
  • Emerald and Almond Dragoturkey
  • Plum Dragoturkey
  • Plum and Orchid Dragoturkey
  • Plum and Crimson Dragoturkey
  • Plum and Ebony Dragoturkey
  • Plum and Indigo Dragoturkey
  • Plum and Ivory Dragoturkey
  • Plum and Ginger Dragoturkey
  • Plum and Almond Dragoturkey
  • Ivory and Orchid Dragoturkey
  • Ivory and Crimson Dragoturkey
  • Ivory and Ebony Dragoturkey
  • Ivory and Indigo Dragoturkey
    • Ivory and Ginger Dragoturkey
  • Participants will have access to the following pets:
    • Mini Wa (90 Strength)
    • Mini Wa (90 Intelligence)
    • Mini Wa (90 Chance)
    • Mini Wa (90 Agility)
    • Croum (26% Neutral Resistance)
    • Croum (26% Earth Resistance)
    • Croum (26% Water Resistance)
    • Croum (26% Fire Resistance)
    • Croum (26% Air Resistance)
    • Croum (13% Neutral and Earth Resistance)
    • Croum (13% Neutral and Fire Resistance)
    • Croum (13% Neutral and Water Resistance)
    • Croum (13% Neutral and Air Resistance)
    • Croum (13% Earth and Fire Resistance)
    • Croum (13% Earth and Water Resistance)
    • Croum (13% Earth and Air Resistance)
    • Croum (13% Fire and Water Resistance)
    • Croum (13% Fire and Air Resistance)
    • Croum (13% Water and Air Resistance)
    • Peki (440 Vitality)
    • Little White Bow Meow (880 Initiative)
  • Shields may be carried up to rank 4.
  • Livitinem headgear and a Livitinem cape will be added to each character's inventory so they can mask their equipment.
  • Participants are limited to a total of 18 AP/MP combined.
  • Characters will automatically be raised to level 200 on the tournament server, even if they are at a lower level on their original server.
  • No trading is possible on the tournament server.
  • The tournament is international. Therefore, each participant is permitted to use their native language. Essential information (start and end of each match) will be communicated in French and English on the tournament server.
  • A character who is killed and revived by an Osamodas is counted as dead when calculating points at the end of the fight.


Throughout the tournament, referees will be in charge of supervising fights. You can recognize their nicknames by the brackets around them (example: "[Referee]").

In case of any disagreement between two teams, the referee will always make the final decision. All teams must respect the referees and their decisions.

Recording the Results

After each fight, participants are responsible for filling out the end-of-fight form on the KTA website to indicate which of the two teams won the match.

Note: Both teams are required to enter the results after each fight, and teams that do not do so, or that try to falsify the results, may be sanctioned (see "Rules and Sanctions").

Qualification Rounds

Guilds face off in the Goultarminator in a Swiss-style system of rounds. The selection stage consists of 7 rounds.

Matches end at the start of the 21st turn. The team with the most remaining characters (not counting characters revived by Spiritual Leash) wins the match. If both teams have the same number of characters left, the match is a draw.


The qualification rounds will be held between Monday, March 21 and Saturday, March 26.

The detailed schedule for each round will be published following the end of the previous round.

  • Monday, March 21 – 2 rounds
  • Wednesday, March 23 – 2 rounds
  • Saturday, March 26 – 3 rounds

Matching Process

Round 1 match-ups are determined by a random drawing. Starting from Round 2, teams will be paired based on the number of points they have accumulated. Two teams from the same guild cannot be paired with each other during the qualification rounds.

If there is an uneven number of teams in a points bracket, one team will be matched with a team in the bracket below.

If there is an uneven number of teams in the lowest points bracket, one of the worst teams will be given an automatic victory (bye). The team that doesn't fight in the current round receives 3 points and 60 GP. No single team may benefit from more than one automatic victory.

Qualification Criteria

The 16 best guilds in the rankings qualify for the final stages.

Ranking Criteria

The guilds are ranked according to four criteria of descending importance:

  1. The sum of the Swiss-round points for their four teams.
  2. Their guild's OWP.
  3. The sum of their four teams' GP.

In case of an exact tie between two guilds, a playoff match will be held on Sunday, March 27, starting at 7:30 p.m. (Paris time). It will follow the same format as the one described below for the final stages.

Final Stages

The 16 remaining guilds will face off in a single-elimination tournament from the round of 16 to the final. The brackets for the final stages are constructed by pairing the best guild with the last-place guild, the second-best with the second-to-last, and so on.

In a fight between two guilds, the teams will face off according to their ranking in the qualification rounds: the two best teams will fight each other, the two second-best teams will fight, and so on.

In case of a draw, neither team is declared the winner.

The guild that wins the fight is the one that wins the most matches.

If the two guilds are tied after four matches, a playoff match will be held.


The final stages will be held between Monday, March 28 and Sunday, April 3. The detailed schedule for each stage will be published at the end of the preceding stage.

  • Monday, March 28 – Round of 16
  • Wednesday, March 30 – Quarterfinals
  • Friday, April 1 – Semifinals
  • Sunday, April 3 – Finals

Playoff Matches

The guilds in the match choose a captain, who will have two minutes to tell the referees which three classes the opposing team will not be allowed to play. Each team will have 5 minutes to assemble a team with 3 classes and communicate their decision to the referees

Once the two teams' compositions have been revealed, they will have 10 minutes to prepare before the match starts.

The guild that loses this match is eliminated.


Team Ranking

The team rankings are determined based on the following criteria, in order of importance:

Each Team's Swiss-Round Points

Teams accumulate points for each match:

  • Victory: 3 Swiss-round points
  • Draw: 1 Swiss-round point
  • Defeat: 0 Swiss-round points

Opponents' Winning Percentage (OWP)

This is the average % of victories by the various opponents faced by the team in question.

Each Team's Goultarminator Points

Victory Type Winning Team Losing Team
Flawless victory (no deaths) 60 points 0 point
Two-character advantage 50 points 10 points
One-character advantage 40 points 20 points
Victory by forfeit 60 points -10 points
Automatic victory (bye) 60 points
Draw 30 points 30 points

ushing Victor

A victory in less than 8 turns (before the counter shows Turn 9) is a crushing victory.

In case of a crushing victory, the winning team receives 20 additional GP.

Guild Ranking

The guild rankings are determined based on the following criteria, in order of importance:

The Sum of the Swiss-Round Points of All Teams in the Guild

(See above on how each team's Swiss-round points are calculated.)

Opponents' Winning Percentage (OWP) for the Guild

This is the average % of victories by the various opponents faced by all teams of the guild in question.

The Sum of the Goultarminator Points of All teams in the Guild

(See above on how each team's Goultarminator points are calculated.)


Teams that do not show up on time or for which not all members are present for the fight are deemed to have forfeited the match.

The absent team is considered to have lost. The team that shows up is declared the winner by forfeit. If both teams are absent, both will be declared losers by forfeit.

If one member of the team is absent, their substitute must appear in their place. If both are absent and the team is incomplete, it is automatically declared the loser.

Teams have 10 minutes from the match's scheduled start time to show up before a loss by forfeit is declared.

If a team loses twice by forfeit, their guild will be eliminated.


  1. Champion Set + 1-year subscription pack
  2. 6-month subscription pack
  3. 3-month subscription pack

Rules and Sanctions

The Goultarminator is subject to a series of rules designed to ensure that the event proceeds smoothly. Violations of any of these rules will result in sanctions being applied by the organizers.


  • All participants, commentators and organizers must treat other participants, commentators and organizers (and all other human beings) with respect. Any insults or provocative behavior will be sanctioned.
  • All participants must regularly consult the round schedule. They must be present and ready to begin their fight within the given timeframes.
  • Each team must be sure to fill out the end-of-fight form after every match.
  • Incomplete teams are not permitted to fight.
  • Once a fight has started, it will never be restarted, nor paused, even in the event of bugs or connection problems.
  • Multi-accounting is forbidden.


Except in cases of insults or provocative behavior, all sanctions will apply to the entire guild, even if the infraction was committed by a single player. Repeat infractions will also lead to sanctions against the entire guild.

Because each situation is unique, the organization reserves the right to apply an appropriate sanction to each infraction of the rules.


Participants are responsible for the security and stability of their Internet connection. Any defeat resulting from a connection problem or external attacks will not be sufficient grounds to restart the fight (see "Rules and Sanctions"), and Ankama and its partner SMIZ shall not be held liable for any damages caused.