The update titled "Bosking in Evil" will kick off the spring season on Tuesday, March 22 by offering, along with other fun stuff, a revamped Evil Forest. To see new quests and creatures sprout up, be among the first adventurers to get this update!

Update 2.63 will launch next Tuesday.

As you're hatching spring plans, consider discovering new characters and sundry quests, even if the Ochre Dofus won't be on the menu; because if the magical egg were to crack, it wouldn't be great for you, as you'd forego its powers! That said, there will certainly be a shift in that direction.

Bosking in Evil will feature:

What else can we do to convince you to check out this update? Another song perhaps?

Tika-lika ch-tong! Tika-lika ch-tong! Oh hey, oh hey!

Tika-lika ch-tong! Tika-lika ch-tong! Oh hey, oh hey!

Bosking! Bosking in Evil, oh hey, oh hey!

She's coming out, coming out on top, it's Bosking in Evil…

She can't even stoooooop, oh hey, oh hey!

We're all Bosking in Evil…