Give these items the warm shoulder! To go along with the skins in the Coulive Set included in the most recent subscription packs, we're offering 10 pairs of chameleon shoulder pads!

The coulive subscription packs released in December may still be available, but not for much longer! Don't let them pass you by – new ones will replace them soon! To enhance the items in the Coulive Set (that is, 10 set skins in total), we're offering not one, but 10 pairs of chameleon shoulder pads!

These will include:

  • Messenger Shoulder Pads, to make you the gods' favorite speaker
  • Docile Shoulder Pads, easy to wear and easy on the eyes!
  • Flitter-Flutter Shoulder Pads, offering a dignified look to uncouth Twelvians
  • Vigilante Shoulder Pads, for those with strong convictions
  • Malicious Shoulder Pads, designed for master manipulators
  • Assassin Shoulders, to make your intentions pretty clear…
  • Flavoured Shoulder Pads, for that extra bit of zest
  • Imperial Shoulder Pads, providing the wearer with unequaled charisma!
  • Tribal Warrior Shoulder Pads, modeled on the skull of a distant ancestor
  • Slayer Shoulder Pads, popular with those eager to protect the Twelvians from demon attacks

As you can see, there's something for everyone! All that's left is to link these chameleon shoulder pads to one of the skins from the previously mentioned Coulive Set, or to any existing set for that matter!

Let your imagination run wild!

These shoulder pads will be available in the shop through Wednesday, March 30, for €1.49 or 1,500 OG for a pair, or €9.99 or 10,000 OG for all 10, and they will be linked to the account for 6 months.