Little green men are about to appear in the World of Twelve! Don't panic – they're not the ones you're thinking of. Are they less fearsome? Well… You'll have to see for yourself!

From Thursday, March 17 (at 3 p.m. CET) to Thursday, March 24 (at 3 p.m. CET), the city of Astrub, the Goblin Camp, the Bwork Camp, and the Low Crackler Mountain will be the centre stage to groups of little monsters determined to show you their fighting colors. The primary color being green!

It's subtle, but underneath his hat, this Leprechaun is green with envy.

During that time, any Leprechauns you battle will put a somewhat unusual curse on you, which will turn your skin a shade of green somewhere between a Bwork and a Kappa, lasting until the next fight.

But then… Why battle them, you ask? For the Clover Fairyworks they'll drop, with which you can properly celebrate Saint Potrick!

We're offering the chance to go where the grass is greener, without having to go far… Decorate for Saint Potrick with the Haven Bag inspired by it, now back in the shop!

Contest – Lucky Break!

On Saint Potrick, as your head spins, so your adventuring luck may turn around! This year we're running a forum contest with a very simple premise: tell us about the biggest stroke of luck you've ever experienced during your World of Twelve adventures.

To enter, simply visit  the forum thread designated for the contest, and share your luckiest moment by Sunday, March 20 (11:59 p.m. CET). 10 people will then be randomly selected; three of them will receive a Saint Potrick Haven Bag theme plus a Gerbean ceremonial pet, while the other seven will get the ceremonial pet.