Today, you can do whatever you like. But if you want to witness the unveiling of new quests (including the ones leading to the Ochre Dofus) and new creatures (the Malters and some new additions to the Goblin population), then you'll want to dive into DOFUS right away!

Enjoy a nice walk in the woods… as long as Hell Mina isn't out there!

If you ran into her, she'd definitely…

Never mind, you don't want to know.


Update 2.63 has arrived!

Feeling like a little stroll through the new and improved Evil Forest, filled with new creatures and a fearsome and fiery boss?

Or how about another pass at An Eternal Harvest, the series of quests that ultimately leads to the coveted Ochre Dofus?


Bosking in Evil will feature:

For all the details on the changes made in this update, check out the complete changelog.

What else can we do to convince you to check out this update?

Ah, yes…


Tika-lika ch-tong! Tika-lika ch-tong! Oh hey, oh hey!

Tika-lika ch-tong! Tika-lika ch-tong! Oh hey, oh hey!

Bosking! Bosking in Evil, oh hey, oh hey!

She's coming out, coming out on top, it's Bosking in Evil…

She can't even stoooooop, oh hey, oh hey!

We're all Bosking in Evil…