It's here at last, so let's cut to the chase: The first matches of the Goultarminator are starting tonigh at 8 P.M. CET! Don't miss a second of it thanks to our Twitch partner channels who are honoring us by streaming the tournament. Experience the clash live!

You can watch the Goultarminator tournament starting from the semi-finals on the Viper's channel:


Are you a natural commentator, one who could host a grawn shelling competition or a Miss World of Twelve contest? If you're itching to stream an event like the Goultarminator, here's your chance to let us know! To do so, simply leave a comment on this article and include the following:

  • Your Ankama account nickname and tag
  • The in-game nickname you'd like
  • A link to your Twitch channel

Before diving into this latest edition of Goultard's famous tournament with your weapons at the ready, we invite you to take a look at the rules. Yes, even in the ring and more so than ever, there are rules you must follow!

This is where to find them:

Enjoy the tournament, everyone!