The Temporis Retro adventure is drawing to a close! Are you out of breath? Come on, one last effort! To encourage and inspire you to complete your final objectives, we're here to go over the rewards that await you once the event is over. Ah! There, we can tell you're feeling perked up already!

That's right! Time flies when you're having fun! Or when you're at each other's throats. Which is more or less the same, you might say… The end of the Bash Ups, Bang Ups & Brawling adventure is nearing. On Wednesday, March 30, during weekly maintenance, it'll all be history… 

So we urge you to complete your final objectives as soon as possible and collect as many Tempokens as possible while there's still time!

Temporis's Time Has Almost Come, and So Has the Time for Taking Stock!

A Livitinem Set and a Pet

As you know, the Temporis adventure is not without consequences. Besides the adrenaline rush the event causes, the experience you gain, and the many stories you can tell your children and grandchildren in the years to come, Temporis is also an opportunity to earn rewards. What are they? Well, it's time to find out!

As we announced a short while ago, you will receive Temporis Retro winnings based on your progress and the number of Tempokens you manage to collect, as follows:

  • 2,500 Tempokens: a Shield of the Valiant
  • 3,500 Tempokens: a Cloak of the Valiant
  • 4,500 Tempokens: a Helmet of the Valiant
  • 5,500 Tempokens: an Estok pet

Please note that to receive them on the permanent servers, items from the Valiant Set must be unlocked from inside the Hall of the Valiant before Temporis ends and must also appear in the player's inventory. If the items from the set are still on display stands, it means they have not been collected.

A Set Forged from Precious Metal…

That's not all! Those who decide to venture onto the permanent servers will receive a special iopken. It will let them get one of the starter sets, which can be collected from Rudy Stribut, who will be waiting for them at the Amakna Castle zaap.

Each player will receive one iopken per account and not one per character. Therefore, it will be possible to get only one set. Its power will be indexed to the character who made the most progress during the Temporis Retro adventure. Think carefully before selecting your set from the available variations, because once you've made your choice and bought it, you won't be able to change your mind!

This set comprises five items that will be equipped in the following slots:

  • Sword
  • Amulet
  • Ring ×2
  • Boots
  Bronze (level 60) Silver (level 90) Gold
(level 120)
Diamond (level 150)
Vitality 100 200 300 500
Wisdom 40 60 90 120
Chosen Element (Earth, Water, Fire, Air) 100 125 150 175
Fixed Damage 5 10 15 20
AP 1 1 2 2
MP / 1 1 1
Summonable Creatures 1 2 2 2
Range 1 1 2 2
Secondary Elements (+ X in the other elements) 20 25 30 35
% Damage 5 10 15 20
% Resistances / / 5 10

Here is a breakdown of the minimum number of Tempokens required to receive the iopken (limited to one per account) that will unlock your set. In order:

  • 0 Tempokens or more to get the Bronze Iopken to unlock the Bronze set.
  • 3,000 Tempokens or more to get the Silver Iopken to unlock the Silver set.
  • 5,000 Tempokens or more to get the Gold Iopken to unlock the Gold set.
  • 7,000 Tempokens or more to get the Diamond Iopken to unlock the Diamond set.

Please note that the number of Tempokens you have will let you get the relevant set, but not the one from the previous bracket.

However, a rounding system has been put in place for less fortunate players who are on the brink of reaching a higher reward bracket. This means characters who are fewer than 100 Tempokens short of the next bracket can still qualify for it.

Moreover, as announced several times, you will receive an experience potion based on your progress and without any usage level limit.

These rewards will be added directly to your account in the weeks after the Temporis Retro server closes. We'll be sure to keep you informed once it is done.


After Temporis, What Happens to the Items I Bought in the Shop?


Some items will be returned to you once the Temporis Retro adventure is over. Contrary to what was stated in the FAQ and in our previous announcements, the list of items bought in the shop that will be credited back to you when the event ends is ultimately much longer than expected! We are reversing our original decision so as not to penalize some players who had to allocate themselves items on the Temporis servers that were displayed as not being collectible afterward.

Therefore, items that will not be returned to you are:

  • Rental items reserved for Temporis Retro
  • Infinite color-change potions
  • Mimisymbiops
Please note that any sets, pets, and living items you might have evolved will be returned to you in their original state.

We would like to sincerely thank you for your implication in this first Temporis Retro. Your enthusiasm warms our hearts and is the best fuel for our engine, which drives us to offer you more and more events of this magnitude!


We hope you'll make the most of these last few days of Bash Ups, Bang Ups & Brawling to have a blast, both literally and figuratively!