It's back! An event with all the ingredients for a super sweet time. An adventure meant for the World of Twelve's cream of the crop of warriors, for those who gladly take a bite out of life. You guessed it: it's almost time to celebrate Fleaster! Don't let this chance slip through your butterfingers!

What a treat: Fleaster Island will reopen its chocolatey doors to the delight of hungry adventurers! From Tuesday, April 12 to Tuesday, May 10, you'll be able to meet the Order of Chocolate Makers in the Fleaster chocolate factory, embark on a great egg hunt (not for dragon eggs this time!), discover the secret of the Chocolate Mystery, and maybe even unearth the powerful and mysterious Cocoa Dofus… It all happens under the amused and tender gaze of Etnop, the Meridia of Eggs.

During the event, there will be a Dungeon Rusher featuring a boss that's good enough to (b)eat: the Crunchler! Don't worry; we'll let you know closer to the date when the Dungeon Rusher will take place.

Something new this year: a ceremonial pet known as the Fleestofura can be purchased with coupons. Lucky for you, it will now be available during every Fleaster event!

Once again, you'll get your fill with Fleaster!