After three good months of brawling, the 13th season of the Kolossium is about to end. The arena hasn't even cleared out, and we're already gearing up for an equally fierce Season 14!

They just keep coming! To quote the god Iop, "Seasons of the Kolossium come and go like hotcakes!" Nobody wants to tell him his metaphor got stuck in the blender… Regardless, it's plain to see that Season 14 will see some participants tasting sweet victory!

Enter the game after maintenance on Tuesday, March 29, when the fighting will begin!

As usual for the start of a season, all ratings and leagues will be reset. This means that in order to obtain a rating, a league, and a position on the leaderboard, each player will have to take part in a series of placement matches.

In 1v1, just 5 placement matches are needed to earn a leaderboard position, while in 3v3, you will have to complete 10 matches.

Once you're done with the placement matches, all that's left is to leap into the arena with everything you've got!