Djinn, Papinaut, Sastip, and DUSK were here for this final edition! We talked about the Temporis server's closure, the Goultarminator, and some slightly contentious topics! 


The server will close soon, so what will I get when I'm back on the classic servers? 

Unfortunately, yes, your character will disappear. On the other hand, all the Tempokens you stored up will count toward rewards on the classic servers. 

What will happen to the items I bought in the shop? 

Good news: We've made changes to what will be collectible or not. You can see what these changes are at the end of this announcement:

Please note that livitinems and pets will be reset to zero when distributed on the classic servers, in view of the accelerated evolution on the Temporis server. 


XP Potion 

The XP potion will be distributed after the server is closed. This is to give us time to compile all the data and add it to your characters. 

The XP potion will be based on the number of Tempokens you obtained with your character, thus reflecting your progress in your Temporis adventure. If you have two or more characters, one potion will be created for you per character, and each potion will always be indexed according to the number of Tempokens obtained. So the more Tempokens you have, the better your XP potion will be. 

These potions will be linked to your account and can be used on any character on the classic servers. You can even use several potions on the same character. In accordance with your feedback, we wanted to remove all restrictions and enable players who were already invested in these servers to take full advantage of them. 


The Valiant Set and the Estok 

Find out all about the Valiant Set and the Estok by following this link:

As regards the Estok, it will be able to develop the same statistics as the Croum, and just like the latter, it will feed on alloys to evolve. 

Important: Don't forget to collect these in-game rewards in the Hall of the Valiant before the server closes on 3/30/2022, because you won't be able to collect them after that! 



A Set to Get Started on DOFUS Retro 

Another distribution is slated for after the Temporis Retro server closes so that players who are new to DOFUS Retro won't be let loose without any equipment. That's why we've designed several starter sets, ranging from level 60 to 150, that will let you start your DOFUS Retro adventure on the right foot. 

These sets will obviously be less powerful than in-game equipment of the same level. They aim to give you something basic to start with so you can then move on to official in-game equipment. 

You can find out all about the starter sets by following this link:


The Goultarminator is raging right now, and the tournament is progressing well. We were surprised at the number of people who registered – there were 1,230 of you when it began! 

Such a large number of players caused our technical team some problems with opening the server, and especially with the exotic little things that took place. 

In particular, we're thinking of those who came to the Goultarminator server as ghosts. We don't know how you were planning on participating like that. It's actually quite funny, but it's not the gift we would have asked for! 

Upon first logging into the server, the Dofus weren't there, and this surprised us too. We'll explain: You have to know that the Dofus on Temporis aren't exactly the same as on the classic servers, at least for those collected through the god Iop's challenges. So when characters were imported, the Dofus didn't exist, and thus obviously, no one had them! 

Such were the little surprises when the server opened – having so many participants inevitably meant a greater chance of having little problems like that, but we can laugh about it now! 

You can watch the tournament's livestreams on the various Twitch channels you'll find here:  


Discussion About DOFUS Retro 

Did we open DOFUS Retro reluctantly? 

Some of you think we opened DOFUS Retro reluctantly. We've seen conspiracy theories saying that we launched it to "prove to you that it wouldn't work". Actually, it's nothing of the sort. A number of years ago, a team that was managing the game at the time decided they didn't want to work on 1.29 anymore when we moved to 2.0. That was their stance a long time ago. 

In the meantime, the teams changed, and a few years ago, Logan, Djinn, and the members of what is now the DOFUS Retro team wanted to bring back this version because we thought it had potential. 

So when we read comments such as "We proved it to you!" or "You were wrong!"… Actually, you're talking to the wrong people, since we're the ones who decided to bring back DOFUS Retro because we believed in it! People need to stop pitting us against each other like that. We really believe in DOFUS Retro, we believe in DOFUS 2, we believe in DOFUS Unity, which is coming later, and we think that each of these games his its own audience and strengths. You can imagine that if we're here now doing a Temporis and livestreams for this game, it's because we're absolutely behind it, we're passionate about it, and most of all, because we want to. We wouldn't have launched DOFUS Retro if we thought it was going to fail from the outset – it wouldn't make sense. 

Is adding new content (new areas, balancing, etc.) planned? 

When it comes to the issue of adding content to this game, we have a problem. The core promise of DOFUS Retro is indeed not to touch the content, so as to keep this version's nostalgic side. 

This promise cuts both ways. On the one hand, it makes you dream, and it's nostalgic. On the other, it's difficult, because as we saw in Temporis, adding content worked really well. We all need to think together about what should remain in DOFUS Retro. It's up to us to find the right balance so as to give you a game experience that's as faithful as possible to what you had back then, because as you can see, the game now is not exactly the same as it used to be. We have no choice but to adapt to your needs. These are really interesting issues, and we encourage you to discuss them on social media and the forums; we try to read as much of your feedback as possible! 

Each new addition to the game changes the initial experience. We want to add usability, fluidity, and modernity while keeping the core experience. 

We won't rule out adding content, but there are some things we won't touch, like class balancing. But we won't rule out adding things like Dungeon Farmer events, in-shop pets, ceremonial sets, and other projects that will appear in the future. That, in itself, is new content. What we don't want are major changes to the game. 


Discussion about the least populated DOFUS Retro servers (Henual and Eratz) 

Do we like to see servers in trouble? No, obviously not. 

Is the situation on these servers simple? They are among the servers that have a complex history. This is a major topic for our teams, although we don't have any announcements to make about it today. But even though we aren't saying anything about it, it doesn't mean we aren't thinking about a solution. 

If we had a miracle solution, we'd have already used it. That's not to say there aren't any, but magic wands exist only in the realm of fantasy. These two servers lived through the transition to DOFUS Retro, and we can't just erase their history. 

Out of all the solutions considered, each of them is drastic, we would have to upend populations, and players would be disappointed. That's why it takes time, why we are thinking about it to avoid as much damage as possible. Why know how committed some players are to these servers, and we don't want to wipe them out. 



We are extremely pleased that we brought Temporis to Retro, like we are with the enthusiasm about this server. Former players who now have less time to play really enjoyed it. It was our goal to make sure you could play Temporis even if you didn't have lots of time to play. 

The fact that we thought about the target audience from the outset made it so we hit the nail on the head, and it was a great bet. In terms of figures and your feedback, we are more than happy with the result, especially as regards retention – you came along in large numbers and played for a long time! 

Fully completing the server is hard for casual players, which is normal. For example, not everyone should be able to get the Vulbis, quite naturally, as it must remain reserved for elite players. 

We wanted 80% of content to be open to all, and the other 20% to be for players who really threw themselves into the server. For example, very few people at Ankama fully completed this Temporis Retro. 

So it's a success story: The majority of players were able to get the server's rewards, and getting 100% of Tempokens was difficult enough, but it gave hardcore gamers an objective. 



Is a forgetfulness potion for the spells Summoning of Chaferfu, Summoning of Arachnee, and Cawwot feasible? 

Technically, you can't forget the spell completely. The feature doesn't exist in the game. We're thinking of rebalancing the challenges rather than creating a whole feature just for that. It's not planned right now, but we're thinking about it. 


Why didn't you anticipate that the Pandawa class would ace Iop's challenges? 

This is DOFUS Retro: A Pandawa will always be useful at high level, just like a Cra. We did anticipate it; it's just the very essence of DOFUS Retro. We're not going to create a passive to nerf these classes. A Pandawa will always be able to carry/throw and remove resistances – that will never change. 

But that doesn't mean it's not possible to complete some of Iop's challenges with other classes; it's just that it's easier with this one. 

There will always be a class that is better than the others, especially in DOFUS Retro, where the core promise is not to touch balancing. 

Why don't you set the DOFUS Retro servers apart? For example, one where nothing changes and another where you add new content. 

There are two reasons for this: 

  • We don't want to separate the populations. What's more, we'd have issues with some people wanting certain content or changes on one server but not on the other, and that's really difficult to achieve. 

  • It would take us a huge amount of time. At first glance, it's a nice idea, but when you dig a little deeper, it gets quite complicated. 

Why didn't the Estok have more exotic characteristics than a "mere" Croum? 

We can't add new characteristics because it would throw balancing into disarray, not least because some players didn't play on Temporis, so this would make it exclusive. We don't want that. This pet's characteristics should be available to everyone. 

Will there be another Tempo Retro? 

Perhaps! We don't know yet, but there's one coming to DOFUS 2 this year. We're working on it now – it's quite different from what you've already seen, and we're having fun creating it! 


It was a pleasure to be with you and interact throughout these livestreams.