Money can't buy happiness (or at least that's what Enutrofs say when asked for charity). Nevertheless, Arjan's Set will certainly provide the charisma to make you a blessed adventurer! Getting one for yourself guarantees good fortune!

Arjan was an impetuous adventurer, highly confident and always demanding of others and himself alike. He spared no one! And his desire to continue reaching new heights led him to push boundaries beyond reason. One day, he decided to craft himself a set endowed with sturdy enough wings for him to fly up to Ingloriom and take on the gods. Needless to say, despite his glorious muscles and his determination, the warrior was done for…

It was a sharp descent, but his bravery echoed loud and clear!

Arjan's Set is made of fine materials that will make you shine among your peers, or alternatively, at night. It comes with:

  • An Arjan's Mane ceremonial headgear; the hair will match your character's colors
  • An Arjan's Cloak (ceremonial)
  • An Arjan's Shield (ceremonial)
  • A pair of Arjan's Wings (costume)
All of these items will be linked to the account for six months.

This set is being sold in order to fund the winnings for the five upcoming KTA tournaments: that is, four DOFUS Championships and the DOFUS World Cup. You can get it from the shop for €10 until Wednesday, May 4.



Previously, KTA items were available from the KTA shop. For security reasons, they will now be sold in the DOFUS shop. Sales will primarily go toward the KTA organization, which will then add 40% of this amount to its tournament cash prizes