The Temporis experience means suspense, emotions, solidarity and above all… Bash Ups, Bang Ups & Brawling! We've called on the best mathematicians in the World of Twelve to turn the data on the ultimate thrill into meaningful numbers. Check out the results right now; some are absolutely amazing! 

The Temporis Retro Bash Ups, Bang Ups & Brawling ended just yesterday but here we are already running the numbers. What can we say? We're just not completely ready for it to end… This time, we're going to forget about words (mostly) and let the numbers speak for themselves!

A very large number of you participated in the Temporis Retro experience. More specifically:

That's right! Not bad, eh?  That's equivalent to 18,939 Gobbowl teams. Or 189,392 eyes. OH MEYE!


There were lots of you, yes, and you were especially talented! We're not saying that just to butter you up (as tempting as that is, we'd rather butter our bread). Here, too, the numbers say it all.

Now that's a beautiful performance that deserves thunderous applause! (Whoa there! Calm down, calm down… Save some enthusiasm for later.)

We see all you Enutrofs quivering with anticipation… Because when you talk numbers, it's time to talk money. Let's talk about Tempokens. 

A whole 36.6% of you collected more than 2,500 Tempokens and unlocked the Shield of the Valiant as a result!


Soft Oak had a hard time lumbering through – he was cut down 123,056 times!

This much experience is what it would take for 4,715 characters to level up from level 1 to level 200. It's enough to make your head spin…

And finally, what about the Limbo Wands?

Wanderful work! (Wanderful… Get it?)


Throughout the Bash Ups, Bang Ups & Brawling event, you spent a cumulated 664 days fighting the guardian of the Dreggons' Sanctuary – Crocabulia.

During that time, she made a snack out of some 29,900 adventurers. By the way, how are you getting along without your big toe?

We want to thank you once again for taking part in this event!
Bravo to all of you for your performance! Iop is proud of you!