Have you noticed? The chirping of piwis at dawn. That big, glowing yellow ball shining down from the sky. It's almost as if… That's it, of course! Spring is here! And to celebrate, why not pick up a pack designed in honor of the one who works so hard every year to bring the good weather – and your good mood – back: Silouate!

Have you ever felt like winter will never end, that spring is taking way too long to arrive, and that the wait for the first buds to bloom will last an eternity? Ah, if you only knew… Are you all taurn up inside thinking nothing's happening? Well, don't be. Because while you've been sitting there drumming your fingers, a breathtaking amount of work has been underway. Behind the scenes, someone has been working to remove the cold marks of winter once and for all from every corner of the great wide World of Twelve. Silouate, guardian of Aperirel, is putting horn and soul into his efforts to give the World of Twelve its second wind – the wind that brings back a warmer, happier way of life, along with sunny weather and long walks where you can leave your scarf behind – and yes, gosh darn it, even your coat! – without fear of catching a cold.

So how does he do it? With his powerful breath that quickly gets rid of any unseasonably cold temperatures. To make this challenging work as efficient as possible, Silouate drinks a special de-icing fluid that only he knows how to make.

All we know is that it's made up of fermented herbs that he acquires from the god Sadida, along with certain unidentified cattle-sourced fluids that we may be better off not knowing anything more about…

Silouate keeps a big barrel of this beverage in reserve for the long nights he spends with his lifelong friend Sumens, often with a helping hand from Yamato, the Meridia of Thirst.

To eliminate the last remaining vestiges of the season before, Silouate sometimes has to use force. At times like these, he can count on the support of the Meridia known as Nunu, who generally works in close collaboration with Mascha, the Meridia of Productivity.

To celebrate the impending return of warm weather and Iops in short shorts, we're now offering the Silouate Pack. It's available in the shop starting today and through Wednesday, May 11 (11:59 p.m. Paris time), and contains:

  • a Silouate set, featuring Huge Silouate Horns (headgear), Silouate's Bronze Cowbell (cape), and Silouate's Downy Bull Bars (shield),
  • an Aperirel Spirit pet, and
  • a Silouate's Defrosting Breath emote.

Each item will be linked to the account for six months, and all the items are on sale together for €9.99 or 10,000 OG.