A long-eared chocolate Wabbit, a cream-filled piwi egg, Kwakao Treat candies… Can you feel your internal organs quivering in terror at the very thought? There's no doubt about it: you're a victim of "Blecchster" syndrome, which manifests as a categorical rejection of all things chocolate. There's only one way to deal with it: by wearing the Fleastrecker Set and publicly acknowledging your attitude!

For many years, you've hidden your distaste for all forms of chocolatey "goodness". Perhaps you've even unconsciously suppressed it. For fear of being caught. For fear of being rejected. Well, now we're offering you the chance to openly and publicly share your bittersweet opinions on the subject!

Why not start with a strong symbolic gesture… by wearing the Fleastrecker Set? Designed by a group of killjoys… or rather, uh… dissidents… fighting for a World of Twelve free of chocolate, this set is your way of saying out loud what others only dare to say in private, for fear of drawing the anger of candy lovers everywhere: Cocoa… is CACA!

This set is available in the shop for just €7.99 (or 8,000 ogrines) from now through Tuesday, Mai 10. This set is a chameleon set and will be linked to your account for 6 months. Plus, your purchase comes with a free color change potion!

Once this set is yours, all that's left to do is slip it on and start spouting "Blecchs" of disgust whenever you see someone on Fleaster Island choking down vast quantities of candy right in front of you (those monsters).

After all, today is the day when Fleaster Island reopens. From now through Tuesday, Mai 10, head out on a quest for the Cocoa Dofus, meet the Order of Chocolatiers, or take part in a huge Fleaster egg hunt (obviously just so you can collect them all and smash them to bits like the disgusting gooey garbage they are).




New this year (and for years to come!): the ceremonial Fleestofura pet joins the adventure! And judging by his grumpy appearance, there's a good chance he shares your opinions about chocolate…

Has all this chocolatey debauchery started to shake your anti-chocolate convictions? That's rough, buddy. But if you're going to switch to the "dark side", do it right by taking advantage of our tasty offer for anyone who makes a purchase of €20 or more on the Ankama Shop site… and get early access to the new Cocoa Shield from now through Wednesday, May 4! The shield can be used in DOFUS, DOFUS Retro and DOFUS Touch, and will be linked to your account.

*Excluding shipping costs; offer valid while supplies last. If you qualify for the offer, it will appear in your cart. The code will be sent with your purchase. The shield will be linked to your account.