Every Fleaster Island dungeon has their Dungeon Rusher! Now it's the Crunchler's turn to get grilled. Log in to the game between April 22 and April 25 to take a bite out of this boss!

During the great Fleaster feast, it's easy to think the world is nothing but sweet and savory delights, and that the gruffest adventurers miraculously turn soft and start giving chocolates instead of chokeholds. Not so… When you go beneath its cocoa-rich surface, you'll see that the chocolatey isle has its own share of dangers. The colossal Crunchler residing there proves it! This boss's chocolate bars will deter the bravest souls, and its biceps are enough to make you fall to pieces.

Do they make you hungry for action instead? That's for you to say! If so, head to the Crunchery, located in the Creamy Gardens of Fleaster Island, between Friday, April 22 (3 p.m. Paris time) and Monday, April 25 (3 p.m.). If you've got the right stuff, you could win a Crunchler Shield!*


*Offer valid once per character. Monsters killed in arenas don't count. When you win the shield, it will automatically appear in your inventory.