Have you always dreamed of joining the great family of dreggons? And does that mean you spend most of your time trying to hone your fire-eating skills? Well, stop that immediately and just get a Polykrome Dreggheadgear instead. At least it will be more convincing!

This Polykrome Dreggheadgear has several major benefits. First of all, thanks to its smooth surface it is very easy to clean. Once you put it on, you could almost be mistaken for a dreggon. It's just what you need to deter others from attacking you out of fear that Crocabulia might appear. In addition, on those days when you just can't be bothered to fix your hair, you can just pretend to be bald. How handy is that? And finally, this headgear is suitable to all body types. It doesn't matter what type you are because everyone will call you "egghead" anyway.

See what we mean? It was clearly made for you!

From now through Wednesday, May 11, at 11:59 p.m., the Polykrome Dreggheadgear + its free color-change potion is waiting for you in the shop!


  • It is a chameleon headgear item.
  • This is a ceremonial item.
  • If you dissociate a mimisymbiced item from a base item (with stats), you'll recover the mimisymbic, the ceremonial item, and the base item.
  • The headgear is linked to the account for 62 days.
  • The color change potion is linked to the account.