The Temporis Retro Goultarminator drew to a close on Sunday with victory for the guild Hades. Let's take a look back at some of the highlights of this legendary competition.

The famous tournament returned to conclude the Temporis Retro adventure, and one thing was certain: You turned up en masse! No fewer than 68 guilds registered for the tournament, accounting for 1,230 players, including 816 starting players and 414 substitutes.

Each guild had to put forward a representative from each of the 12 classes (and could designate a substitute for each of these) and form four teams of three players each from these players.

You could say there were a lot of players on the tournament server!


Swiss Round Stages

The first stages followed the Swiss round format where each team fought a team from another guild with an equivalent number of points.

At the end of seven rounds, just two teams had managed to win all their matches: Out of Control A and United B.

The points won by the four teams of each guild were then combined so that the guilds could be ranked. Origin's was the guild bringing up the rear in 16th place, and it was very close because they qualified with only a 0.7 point margin.

After the Swiss round stages, the ranking made the guilds United and Out of Control firm favorites with their total of 21 wins.

Final Stages

The 16 guilds that qualified then entered the knockout stage, where a guild faced another guild based on their ranking from the Swiss round stages: The top-ranked guild fought the bottom-ranked guild, and so on. In a battle, the four teams of one guild fought the four teams of the opposing guild based on the ranking of their teams during the Swiss round stages: The best team fought the opposing best team, and so on.

The two favorites mentioned earlier made it to the semi-finals, where both of them lost to the eventual finalists: Hades, which won 3-1 against United; and Seven, which beat Out of Control 2-1.

Grand Final

Iop himself was in the bleachers to watch the grand final of the Goultarminator organized in his honor, which promised to be a bloodbath.

And it was ultimately the guild Hades that won, with a score of 3-0 (including a draw) after a final they controlled from start to finish.

We want to thank everyone who took part in the tournament as well as the spectators. We hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did. We leave you with this fantastic Ecaflip roulette from Hades.