Do you sometimes feel like night and day? Bright at times, dark at others? The Selenic and Glow-with-the-Flow sets will make you feel more radiant than ever; with them, you're sure to reach your zenith.

There are days when the planetary alignment works in your favor and gives you the best possible conditions to do great things. Such days deserve an outfit that lives up to those things. A sparkling outfit in which you won't go unnoticed (not that you would usually inspire indifference, but hey, you get the idea…).

"It's a perfect night" or "what a beautiful day": Those are remarks you're sure to hear while dressed in either the Selenic or Glow-with-the-Flow sets. You'll eclipse everyone when you go by. You'll dazzle everyone within a radius of at least several hundred kilokameters, so much so that even Iops who cross your path will start having bright ideas!

The Selenic Set includes: 

  • a Selenic Diadem (headgear)
  • a Selenic Cape
  • a Selenic Shield 

The Glow-with-the-Flow Set includes:

  • a Glow-with-the-Flow Mask (headgear) 
  • a Glow-with-the-Flow Cape
  • a Glow-with-the-Flow Shield

Available in the shop until Wednesday, May 4 for just €7.99 (or 8,000 OG) each, both these sets* will most certainly put you in the spotlight.


* These sets consist of ceremonial items that will be linked to the account for six months.