While Father Kwismas is certainly an intriguing character (how does he deliver all those presents in such a short time?), the World of Twelve has another figure shrouded in mystery. He is, after all, known as "the Mystery Man". His generosity strikes again: for Kwismas this year, he's gifting you with his set!

Hailing from Frigost, the Mystery Man is warm of heart to make up for his chilly homeland. When he enters a room, his thoughtfulness infects everyone inside. When he leaves, his contagious laughter echoes on. Simply put, everyone knows the Mystery Man, even if no one knows his real name, how old he is, or even what he does all day!

What makes this Twelvian so mysterious is his odd compulsion to test the sturdiness of every object he gets his hands on… Given a shield, he thinks to submerge it in the magma-filled depths of Brakmar. With a spoon, he'll seek out a giant crackler to trample it. A raul mops stew – let's toss it off the top of the Huppermage Tower, he says… And if you should run into him, he'll probably test his comedy on you – the urge is too strong to resist!

After a full day of experimenting with all manner of things, the Mystery Man gets dolled up and sets off to meet his closest friends at the local pub or in the stands at a gobbowl stadium, this time seeking to test the effectiveness of Pandalan beverages.

While some of his experiments end in failure, there is one that always finds success. When the Mystery Man sees warriors from opposing clans having a squabble, a couple in the middle of a tiff, or a Twelvian in the throes of suffering, he'll give them a big smile, tap them on the shoulder, and then say:

"Hey, come on… Life is good – this will pass!"


Then he'll continue on his way to go ensure a mount's stability, check a sword's resistance or the softness of a pair of slippers…

Do you smile at life and enjoy testing things? If so, the Mystery Man Set is perfect for you, and you'll be happy to know it's free until Saturday, December 24 (9 a.m. CEST). This set is permanently account-linked and it consists of:

  • The Mystery Man Coat (cape)
  • The Mystery Man Beret (headgear)
  • The Mystery Man Pocket Watch (shield)

Timeless and therefore never out of fashion, this outfit will make you elegant and leave anyone you meet with an ineffable smile.


The set is also available in DOFUS Retro!