The space-technology adventure that is Super Nano Blaster will soon turn a corner. Starting from Tuesday, May 3, players can cruise the game's retro universe aboard their ships on Steam, the online content distribution platform!

We've got some news about the vertical shoot 'em up by 3.5 Inch Team, published by Ankama Games. After being released on the Ankama Launcher and appearing at the Steam Next Fest, Super Nano Blaster is officially launching on Steam!

The renowned platform will now let players continue their adventure in the heart of a digital universe with an awfully addictive regressive retro design! The game has received a few improvements in the process, and these are the main ones:

  • The black strips on both sides of the screen have been replaced with a mirror effect (WOW!)
  • A brand-new ship has been added (WOWIE!)

The game will be available for just €7.90 for a limited time. After that, it will increase to €9.90.

Head over to Steam!