Among the Protectors of the Months, Rosal is definitely the hypersensitive one. But if you think that makes him the biggest wimp or the whiniest crybaby, you're as wrong as an oiled-up Bwork in a string bikini. And if that image makes you wince, maybe you're a bit hypersensitive yourself…

The "Master of Flowers" has a unique way of seeing the world around him. Like everyone, he feels things – both through his senses and in terms of emotions – but much more keenly than most.

A noise that you find mildly irritating could easily drive him to the brink of insanity. Soft music, on the other hand, might send him into paroxysms of emotion, from soaring heights of happiness to the darkest depths of despair. As though he "felt things more". And while that may seem like a disadvantage, it's actually a precious gift.

Come a little closer and we'll whisper more flowery nothings in your ear…

A Sensitive Flower

Rosal, the protector of Maysial, is truly one of a kind. Gifted with a deep sense of empathy, he can feel the exact emotions of any other person – or any living being at all. This highly developed ability not only makes him an empath, but a telepath as well! He can see right into the thoughts and emotions of every living creature… You can't hide anything from him!

Rosal is known as the "Master of Flowers", and that's more than just a rhetorical flourish. He can actually communicate with flowers and help them to bloom.

But that's not his only nickname. The other Protectors of the Months think he's a bit too proud of his power, especially Pouchecot, who came up with a less pleasant name to tease him with: the "Em-Pathetic Protector".


A bothersome power to bear, or an unbearable bother with powers?

Don't be fooled by his seemingly gentle demeanor. It's lucky that he's only a telepath and not a psychopath, because plumbing the depths of mortal minds is child's play for him. Sometimes he'll nobly reveal the truth behind a lie, but he's also been known to sneakily expose the most intimate secrets. One thing's for certain: he has no sympathy for those who are impure at heart! What can we say… Every rose has its thorn.


Never mind all that. He's a hero!

Over time, Rosal gained mastery of his power. He has especially blossomed in terms of his ability to avoid being overwhelmed by other people's thoughts and emotions… ever since one event in particular.


It all started back in the year 125, when Brumaire, who's never short on plans to keep winter going a little longer, cast a wicked spell on the warm-up juice that Silouate uses to thaw out Amakna's vegetation at the start of Aperirel. A somewhat arcane approach, sure, but an effective one. As every year, the minotoror slurped up a whole barrel of the stuff to spray the plants with, but he was immediately overcome with a hunger unlike any he'd ever experienced. And Silouate began devouring every plant he could find in the fields of Amakna…

At that exact moment, Rosal started pigging out too – out of empathy, of course – and forgot all of his refined manners, more like the Em-Pathetic Protector sulking over a vast pile of comfort food than the noble Master of Flowers. It took two whole years and a few added belt sizes for him to realize that his overgrown appetite was an empathetic echo of Silouate's.He immediately conjured up a huge pasture to satisfy the beast's appetite with a banquet of leafy goodness. This brief moment of respite was all the time he needed to concoct an antidote to break Brumaire's spell, heal the minotoror, and save Amakna at the last second from an unnatural disaster. Now all Rosal had to do was get back to work on his summer body…

Soak up the rays in Maysial!

Maysial sets the tone on its very first day with Fairy Lax Day, a day that honors both the hard work we do all year… and the fact that sometimes we're pretty sick and tired of the hard work we do all year. Take this day to meditate on what you can do for others… if you're up for doing anything at all.

Under Rosal's influence, many different Meridia watch over various aspects of nature, like Gymcitro, Meridia of Mould; Bo, Meridia of Plains; Bipup, Meridia of Sap; Zebdara, Meridia of Germination; Kevlatahmu, Meridia of Pollen; Osebo, Meridia of Rivers; and Daza, Meridia of Fields.

Two aspects of Rosal's personality are also reflected in Ani and Xandra, the Meridia of Compassion and Boastfulness, respectively.

Even though the calendar doesn't work out ideally this year (both the 1st and 8th of Maysial fall on Sundays), you'll have plenty of chances to celebrate with Maysial Munch, the Super Gobbowl, and Healy Thursday, which specifically honors Rosal for his actions to stop a certain famished minotoror from destroying all of Amakna's plant life!



So, about the Rosal Pack…

"That's a nice story and all about the protector who thinks he smells like roses and sunshine, but what about the pack?!"

All right, calm down. Here's what awaits you in the shop from today through Wednesday, June 1 at 11:59 p.m. Paris time:

  • A Rosal Set containing the Rosal Refined Diadem (headgear), Rosal Fragrant Coat (cape), and Rosal Floral Petal (shield)
  • A Maysial Spirit pet
  • And the Rosal's Climbing Plant emote.


All of the above items are linked to the account for 6 months.