To protect yourself from enemy attacks, sometimes you need to put yourself in danger. That's what makes Bullseye Shield so unique: instead of repelling your enemies, it actually draws them toward you… so you can mow them down even more efficiently! Brilliant, right?!

As you know, alongside the existing class headgear and capes, the shields are next in line for their big moment in the shop, with one shield in the spotlight each month in DOFUS Retro.

Some enemies are stickier than the stickiest gum gum. Well, you know what they say about keeping your enemies close… it's the best way to get rid of them once and for all! The Bullseye Shield will fool them into thinking they're right on target, when in fact, you've lured them into a suicide mission.

From now through Wednesday, June 29, at 11:59 p.m. CET, the Bullseye Shield awaits you in the shop… along with your choice of a free color change potion or a free mimisymbic!

Content and characteristics of the offer:

  • A Bullseye Shield*
    • Level: 1
    • This is a ceremonial item.
    • This is a chameleon item.
    • If you dissociate a mimisymbiced item from a base item (with stats), you recover the mimisymbic, the ceremonial item, and the base item.
  • Your choice of a free color change potion* or a free mimisymbic!


*Linked to the account for 62 days.
** Linked to the account.