It looks like the party might be over before it even begins! The singer of AB/CD has worn out his vocal chords by practicing too much… Help him out and save the Gobbstock Festival while there's still time!

Being a rock star isn't all fun and games! Right in the middle of his voice exercises, the singer of famed bwork'n'roll band AB/CD somehow pulled a muscle… in his throat! The group's performance at the Gobbstock Festival is this close to being canceled… but we're hoping you can help!

Desi & Belle's honey, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, is the only effective remedy for this type of injury.

From Thursday, June 9 at 3 p.m. to Thursday, June 23 at 3 p.m. (CEST), team up with other players to bring back pollenectar from a hive located next to the stage ([4,6] on the map, near the Gobball Corner zaap). This rare resource, which only appears as the summer approaches, can be collected from the creatures of the World of Twelve outside of dimensions, underwater and indoor zones. Just keep in mind: You'll only be able to collect this resource from monsters of your level group. Good news: this year, you'll only have to collect a quarter as much pollenectar as in previous years!

Once enough pollenectar has been collected, you and all the other Twelvians at the festival will have the pleasure of attending the AB/CD concert! Then all you'll need to do is go get your reward from the merchants who'll be arriving in droves, drawn to the sweet sound of Brayar Jonsonne's voice, in exchange for festokens acquired at the hive.

Emotes, auras, titles, and many other gifts await! But more importantly… you'll have the satisfaction of having saved the Gobbstock Festival! And that's priceless…

This year, the Ombre server will start the event with its hives half-full.

We're counting on you!