Before you go adventuring, there's two things you need to pick carefully: a traveling companion and an outfit. Do you want people to remember you as the Twelvian who roamed the world in pajamas alongside a three-pawed ratou? Boost your charisma with class packs and the Class Pets Blind Box!

Class packs are returning with a bang! As a reminder, each one contains three harnesses, a set, a fatal blow, or an emote. They cost €14.99 or 15,000 ogrines and will be in the shop through Wednesday, August 31.

We could've stopped there… But we didn't! When you buy one of them, you'll get 2 blind boxes containing all 18 class pets as a freebie. Grab them (Heyyyy! Not so hard! Remember there's little critters inside.), then carefully open them… Stick your hand in there (careful not to get bitten), and… TADAAA! The last step is simply getting to know the (more or less) adorable beastie you just picked!

In concrete terms, you'll have a 5.55% chance of getting each one and a 0.1% chance of getting all of them!

Note that the Class Pets Blind Box can also be purchased individually for €3.99 or 4,000 ogrines.

These packs will remain in the shop through Wednesday, August 31 (11:59 p.m. Paris time)!