Osatokoi? OSATOPIA: the World of Twelve according to Osamodas! Revealed by a very promising trailer! Mark your calendars for 2:30 p.m. (Paris time) on Tuesday, June 7 and tune into Ankama Live, Ankama's Twitch channel, to learn all about the event of the summer.

Djinn, Logan, Kewl, and Yaula have been designated by Osamodas, god of fauna and conjurers, to speak for him.

This summer, the deity sporting feathers, fur, horns, and claws (even tentacles, when he's in Oktapodas marine form) invites you to the most beastly event of the year: Osatopia.

We're talking about the seventh edition of Temporis: a full-fledged adventure in which players and adventurers from all over, experts and novices alike, will have a field day with their friends. On your marks… Hunt. Tame. Fight!


Want to know what the Modsters are? How to get the Garudania? Whether Team Missile will be on your side? Or if you would make a good beastologist?

There's only one way: watch the livestream devoted to Osatopia on, taking place on Tuesday, June 7, at 2:30 p.m. Paris time!

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The livestream will be in French, but Djinn, as per usual, will go back and forth between English and French. (Feel free to count the number of times he says "Back to French" and share your findings after the livestream.)

At any rate, the main points will be shared on the website in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

See you Tuesday!