Summer is coming, the sun is peeking out with its first few rays, and already Charlie's Agents are busy getting ready for the new season. This year, though, you'll have to wait a little longer than usual to make your way to Vulkania. But you know what the old Iop proverb says: "Patience is a dish best served cold." (Not that it actually makes any sense…)

This year, you'll need to have a little patience as you wait to get out and catch some rays on the white sand beaches of the famous Vulkanic islands… (er, what's the adjective again? Vulkanian? Vulkanese?) Anyway. Vulkania.

To give you plenty of time to enjoy the other activities that will be brightening up your summer, Vulkania Island is postponing its opening for a little while this season. Rest assured that Tony Bleurgh and the Lovely Organizers will be using the extra time to really polish up some improvements they've been making for your visit!

We'll be back in touch at the end of July* to share more information, and in the meantime… well, you'll see!

*The Almanax quests and bonuses of July 16 and 31 will be modified accordingly this year.