To coincide with the release of the beta planned for Wednesday, June 15, which mainly concerns the Temporal Anomalies, we are giving you the opportunity to take part in an exclusive event! Don't miss these Temporary Opportunities!

Shuccubus, Julith, Leorictus, Noximilian the Clockmaker, Agony, and Dathura: From Wednesday, June 15, until maintenance on Tuesday, June 28, which is the full beta period, you have the chance to fight the Temporal Anomaly bosses. So, get your fists ready, brush up on your spells, and hide all your fears under the bed! Because the more you fight these formidable opponents, the greater the rewards!*

There are three objective thresholds you can achieve, with up to 3 rewards:

  • Beat 5 different Anomaly bosses = a free Temporal Anomaly Haven Bag
  • Beat 10 different Anomaly bosses = a free Anomaly Emote
  • Beat 10 different Anomaly bosses while having consumed the new Major Uchronic Elixir = a free Shushield

For the occasion, we have boosted the anomaly generation system exclusively on the beta server so that there are more anomalies.

As well as a new opportunity for you to win rewards, this event will help us to analyze the changes made to Temporal Anomalies and to make adjustments if required.

Note that you won't receive an XP scroll or any equipment from an NPC with this beta. Only Major Uchronic Elixirs will be provided by Best-a-Tester at the Zaaps of Amakna village and Frigost village to allow you to reach the final threshold of the event.

As this content is high level, it is intended for level 200 characters from the beta import. Only characters who have logged in to the official servers in March, April, and May will be available in the beta import.

As always, you can give us your feedback on the beta directly on the forum.

Good luck, everyone!

* These rewards will be linked to the account and added after the beta closes.