Djinn, Logan, and Kewl were here for the livestream presenting Temporis VII: Osatopia! 


The god Osamodas is taking the helm of the latest Temporis; as the god of creatures, he has summoned a vast array of creatures to the World of Twelve so that everyone can link up with one or more of his creatures. Players will have to put together a personalized team to take on the challenges of Osatopia!


The current class mechanics are gone and have been replaced by new ones. Instead of a single character, you'll be controlling a team. So all the classes will lose most of their spells and keep a few of them.

Each character will have a passive skill, plus 3 or 4 spells.

We tried to preserve the essence of each class to go along with your Modsters. The character is completely passive and cannot hit. They have a support role, and each class will have its specialty.


To engage in combat in the new Temporis, you'll need to capture Modsters that are hidden all over the World of Twelve.

It will be shown before you enter combat that a Modster is hiding within the monster group, but you won't find out which one it is until you start fighting.

To capture it, you'll have to win the fight. The drop rate is a fixed 50%. But this drop rate can be modified using consumables.

Unlike archmonsters, you'll find Modsters easily. And when you enter combat with multiple players, everyone will have a chance of getting it. (If there are three players in the fight, it's possible for each of them to collect the Modster.)

Modster trading will be possible. When you acquire a Modster, it will be in the form of an item. You'll have the option to use it in your deck (in the interface for this purpose) or trade it as you like. Once it's in your deck, you can convert it back to an item and vice versa however many times you want.

Since your character can't fight, we'll give you one from the start (otherwise you won't even be able to skip the tutorial). You'll choose between four Modsters:

Each Modster has three distinct spells. (With 150+1 Modsters, that's 450 spells!)

To power up your Modsters, the equipment worn by the character will be transferred to them: AP, MP, Range, and stats; only resistances won't be equivalent in order to prevent overuse.


An exclusive new profession will be added in this Temporis: beastology.

This profession will let you evolve some of your Modsters. By evolving, they'll gain a new form as well as new spells. This profession is important because it's the only way to evolve them. But don't worry – it will be an easy one to level up.

It is also used to create consumables that will help you capture Modsters.

The four starters will get a megalteration, along with about 30 more modsters.

Modster Rarity

Modsters will have four different rarity levels:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

A Modster's drop rate doesn't differ based on rarity level; however, the chance of encountering a rare Modster or better is lower than for a common Modster.

You'll only discover the Modster's rarity once in combat.


Most equipment items will have higher drop rates to give you an easier time gearing up. The Dofus may also be dropped by monsters.

Although your character will be unable to engage in close combat, you can equip a weapon to benefit from its stats.

Idols won't grant any bonuses during the Temporis adventure, but they can be used for achievements to earn tempokens!


To manage combat duration, there is a limit of four players per fight. Each player can have two Modsters on the battlefield at once. You can have up to six Modsters in your deck.

If all the Modsters are KO'd, the fight is lost.

And if the main character dies, the fight is lost. (Even if the Modsters are still alive.)

For a visual change in combat, which we'd like to incorporate in the standard game at some point: we're going to separate the player's and summons' action bars, so that you can view summons' spells even when it's not their turn!

There won't be sidekicks in this Temporis.

The Ephemeral Dimension

The Temporis Hub zone is back. It will allow characters to teleport to the World of Twelve. The daily bonus NPC will also be found there.

It will also include various useful maps for players!

Plus two NPCs:

  • Nhurse Joel will offer osatokens in exchange for your duplicate Modsters.
  • Agent Jonesy will sell treats to make your Temporis adventure easier.

For practicing beastology, this will be the only place you can level up the profession.

Combat Arena (Work in Progress)

Will be used to challenge other players, plus other surprises. You'll find them in various zones:

  • Brakmar
  • Bonta
  • Amakna
  • Astrub
  • Sufokia
  • Koalak
  • Frigost
  • Pandala

The Osatopia League

This quest is endgame content that will unlock the Reputed Beastologist certificate. To earn this, you'll need to fight four high-level beastologists!  (We're still in the realm of PvM.)

Temporis Interface

New interfaces will appear in this Temporis:

  • The collection interface shows the Modsters you've captured, the achievements related to those Modsters, plus detailed info about them. As for achievements, you'll need to collect Modsters in combat to complete them; trading won't be applied to them.  Due to the sheer number of Modster achievements, we opted to get rid of tempokens linked to quests.
  • Modster interface: used to create your deck of six Modsters. You can save up to 50 decks. Ensembles will also be linked to this interface so you can change your equipment and characteristics depending on which deck you're using.

GM Event

During Temporis VII the GMs will play Team Croquette, a mischievous group that's kidnapping Modsters for unknown reasons. And special maps have been added for the occasion!

By participating in this event, you could earn advantages that can be converted into sharivakens on the classic servers.


Archokens and searchokens are back with Brandon and Brenda.

Daily bonuses will return to help you throughout your adventure, and you can expect a few surprises! To unlock these, you'll have to complete a daily quest. These quests are optional and will not

hinder your progress in Temporis at all.

Adventure Rewards

  • The main reward: the pet that will evolve over the adventure to finally become a petsmount.
  • After the teaser (Saul Greyjack's investigation), we added the Roarped, which is the fastest petsmount in the game. Also, when you choose a Modster, it will appear in the cart.
  • 6 caps + 1 for the GM event
  • 3 new emotes
  • A set in the colors of the god Osamodas
  • The XP potion will be available from an NPC during the Temporis adventure (you'll no longer have to wait a few weeks after the server closes).
  • The Ankarton Set – this set will help you get started in the classic servers based on your progress in Temporis. It won't have any stats; these will be granted by the set bonus. Having all nine items equipped will do at level 200. It is ephemeral and will last a certain number of battles. It can also be mimisymbiced.


  • Pre-registration begins on June 7, 2022
  • Pre-registration ends on June 26, 2022
  • Update 2.64 launches on June 28, 2022
  • Servers open on June 29, 2022
  • Servers close on August 23, 2022 

There will be Temporis livestreams to guide you when the adventure begins, but we won't be doing one every week in the summer. We'll even do a Temporis Live at Japan Expo!
The pre-registration system has been updated to make it much easier to change your class if you change your mind while pre-registration is still open.

A Twitch Adventure

Twitch drops will be enabled during this Temporis. There are three types of boxes to get:

  • Cosmetics
  • Modster croquettes (used to increase the drop rate for Modsters)
  • Temporis utilities

There will also be a special Twitch version of the roarped, as well as the new Heesh Set (three elements).

All streamers in the DOFUS category can offer the chance to earn these rewards.

End-of-Adventure Tournament

A big tournament will take place at the end of this adventure, to be organized by the KTA. The final format is still being discussed, but for now we'll close out with 2v2.

For the final rounds, exceptional commentary will be provided by Huz, Humility, Nozadah, and Sapeuh.
(More details to come.)


Will there be a double XP bonus to make up for idols being deactivated?

There will be bonuses in the course of Temporis to help you gain experience, including daily bonuses. But there won't be a double bonus experience per se.

Any news about Unity? Or WAVEN?

Both of these projects are going well. We'll say more when the time is right, but you can come to Japan Expo to talk about it!

Will Modsters be available in different colors?

We wanted to do this, but it would've been too much work. So they won't be, no.

How are the changes to Alliance vs Alliance coming along?

We're not there yet, but the project is coming along nicely. Those changes won't be in this update, but definitely the next one! At any rate, we're very happy with the new content we'll be offering in this area.

Will there be a beta for 2.64?

Yes, it's coming! There will even be a little event running then, so stay tuned!

What stats will the Ankarton Set have?

We're still working on that; we'll let you know as soon as possible.

Where can you find the class spells for this Temporis?

All the relevant information is on the pre-registration page.

Will a class change service for Temporis be available in the shop?

Change of class will be available with the unlimited potion available for purchase.