When it comes to kamas, Enutrof and his followers are getting more ingenious than the greatest mages in the World of Twelve. But not on this occasion. Did the Miser seriously think that no one else would discover his map to a fantastic treasure when he stuck it to a plank that would become your next shield?

To make sure he'd remember exactly where he stashed his last pile of loot, the god Enutrof came up with a long series of clever plans. But after about ten or so, his creativity started to fail him. So he just marked an X on a map and pinned it on an old plank somewhere that no one would find it. Of course, now he can't find it either. How unlucky…

So until he figures out that the old plank is now your new shield, could you make sure his map doesn't get damaged? Just don't let any weapons or projectiles hit it, and you'll be fine. Thanks in advance!

From now until 11:59 p.m. (Paris time) on Wednesday, July 20, Plan K awaits you in the shop…

Along with your choice of a free color change potion or a free mimisymbic!


Key Features:

  • This is a chameleon item.
  • This is a ceremonial item.
  • If you dissociate a mimisymbiced item from a base item (with stats), you'll recover the mimisymbic, the ceremonial item, and the base item.
  • The shield will be linked to the account for 62 days.
  • The color change potion will be linked to the account.