Today, the World of Twelve is grooving to the sounds of singing, strumming and drumming. To properly honor this new edition of the Gobbstock Festival, how about thrilling the crowd with a bit of unbelievably complex choreography? Pick up the Barbi Cajob Dance emote and we'll throw in a free Music Mix-Mash Blind Box!

Once a bitter and judgmental old man, Barbi Cajob is an Enutrof who was ultimately able to find inner peace thanks to the Sadida people.

In the old days, Barbi spent his time pouring mockery and contempt on anyone outside of his class. One day, somewhere between his morning misunderstandings and his early afternoon insults, the irascible old Twelvian was suddenly caught up in a most unusual adventure. Pursued by a band of bloodthirsty Srams who were under the mistaken impression that he was one of their worst enemies, Barbi found himself needing to change his identity in a hurry. Lost in the forest and with no time to think, he slapped together a makeshift outfit of branches and twigs, then smeared his face with dirt. All of a sudden, Barbi Cajob was indistinguishable from a real Sadida! So much so, in fact, that he quickly joined one of their tribes in which he's still living happily to this day…

They say that ever since that day, Barbi Cajob has never once insulted another Twelvian again, no matter what class they belong to. Some even say that he's adopted the same Sadida customs that he once derided as strange, and that he's always ready to put on a tribal dance to show his pride at having joined this noble people.

This dance requires perfect control over every muscle in the body, along with a great degree of flexibility… and now you can master it too! Just pick up the Barbi Cajob Dance emote, now available in the shop for €3.99 or 4,000 ogrines!

Plus, from today through Wednesday, July 6 (11:59 p.m. CET), you'll get a free Music Mix-Mash Blind Box when you purchase this emote! It's the perfect way to celebrate the Gobbstock Festival taking place today.

The Music Mix-Mash Blind Box can also be purchased individually or in a batch of 6, also from now through Wednesday, July 6 (11:59 p.m. CET).


The Gobbstock Festival is on in the game!

Right in the middle of his voice exercises, the singer of famed bwork'n'roll band AB/CD somehow pulled a muscle… in his throat! But with your help and through your pollenectar-collecting efforts, the group's concert to celebrate the Gobbstock Festival is already underway on all servers! Merchall is waiting for you at [4,6] to trade rewards for your festokens!

Also returning this summer…

You'll also find the Summer Haven Bag in the shop to help prepare your skin for the sun and look your best at the beach!

With flawless soundproofing and optimal acoustics for your private AB/CD or Feline Vion concerts, the Gobbstock Haven Bag is back for this special occasion too!