Let's talk about the recent information you might have heard of...

Yesterday, some of you saw an interview with Tot where he shared something quite monumental. We want to clarify some details, as it wasn't something that was shared on our official channels or platforms, and we thought it was only fair to share the information with our entire community.

What is going to happen on DOFUS at the end of the year?

A new class (the 19th one) is coming, but we kiiiind of hinted at that before, during the last few streams. There was once when somebody asked if a new class was coming and while Djinn remained focused on keeping it under wraps saying "no", Logan tried to give you a sign.

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And during the latest AnkamaLive stream before today, Djinn asked Logan what was coming at the end of the year, and Logan specifically said "Ce qu'on vous a prévu pour la fin d'année, ça va être classe.*" and nobody understood.

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*"And for the end of year in-game content, it's awesome" (classe= awesome) is a homophone of "class", which has the same meaning in French as it does in English.

In truth, we are thrilled that Tot spoke about it. Of course, our plans were to make the suspense last a little longer, to organize a bit better the way things were going to be revealed to you all. Still, the most important thing is that the information is now available for everyone to enjoy. But! We need to tell you something else: There is a new class, but there is so much more…


Let's talk about the overall project

We're not just working on a standalone new class: we are working on a vast transmedia project – as usual, we are Ankama, after all! – that we keep under wraps, despite the desire to giddily share what is in the pipeline with you but painstakingly depriving ourselves of doing so, and DOFUS is just one piece of the puzzle.

This project – code name "Lancedur" (the name has not yet been translated, but it was mentioned during last year's Krosmonote.) - starts with a mini animated series of roughly seven 10-minute-long episodes that will tell a remarkably emotional tale of a bunch of warriors and how they end their fighting careers. This story is called “La dernière quête du Compte Lancedur” (Count Lacedur’s final quest – not an official translation).

It occurs in the Krosmoz, specifically between the WAKFU and the WAVEN timeline. It is important to note that while this specific period is a pivotal era between these two Krosmoz ages, it will not be addressed during this cross-media project, but rather during Season 4 of the WAKFU series.

Lancedur is more adult and intimate, sombre, and dramatic. A beautiful story of old heroes who have had their glory days but also deal with physical constraints due to their age. Yet, despite this, they must embark on a new adventure. This is as much as we will say on the series for now; the plan is to release the episodes on Anime Digital Network in January.

Aside from the mini-series anime, the project is branching out towards comics, mangas, and board games, all to our games.

Lancedur project on DOFUS

Being a cross-media project means we tell a story across multiple channels, benefiting everyone. For us, it is a celebration of our excitement for the story and on the way we will share it across the board, its impact on the games, without going too much into detail, such as new areas, new tales, and new monsters, like this guy over here:

Who is a boss you will get the opportunity to face if you come to visit us at the Japan Expo. Cire Momore is not a convention boss, so if you can't go, no worries: you will get your chance to smack him around in-game later in the year.

So, where were we… ah yes! New boss, a new in-game area and, on DOFUS 2, a new class! Just because the WAKFU and DOFUS Touch won't get a new class, it doesn't mean there won't be ANYTHING for them. All the different Ankama Games' teams are working on something for their games as part of this Lancedur cross-media project.

We won't tell you what class it is nor what they are about; we will let you uncover details and read up on the information as it is released.

We want to be as straightforward as possible on the following right off the bat. For DOFUS, this class will be released during the year's last update. Therefore, it will not be available to be tested at the Japan Expo convention next month. So we all must be patient together, as hard as it will be for us all!

(It was so hard for us to keep this for ourselves, but we do feel a tremendous sense of relief to be able to talk about it. Even now, as we write these words… ok, focus, back to the write-up!)

What now?

In the coming weeks, just not right now, we will share a calendar with some evident details (like the new class release, surprise, surprise!) with dates. Still, we will also add some hidden items for fun, where you would have to guess what is hidden behind those dates and what will happen. This also means you will know when we will reach out to you with more information about what we have up our sleeves. We have a beautiful story, a brand new area in-game, and we will have many things to share with you over the next 6 months.

So keep an eye out as most of you missed our past hints!

Quick Q&A session

Is it a new god?

We cannot answer that right now, but the opportunity presents itself to say there is a logical reason for the arrival of the class. It is deeply anchored into the Krosmoz lore and the stories we have told over the last few years. The class has a full background and mythological elements to it.

Is the new class' gameplay brand new and different from the existing class mechanics?

We're going to spill the beans. When Djinn was given the concept of the class his reaction was "meh", but once the Game Designers explained the class mechanics, the "meh" became a "wow!". The only thing we will give you right now: it will be a 2-star class in terms of difficulty.

Why are you not telling us everything?

If we tell you everything now, you will be frustrated and bored for several months until the class is ready to be released. So we need to pace the information,to keep it exciting and fun for everyone so that things still feel fresh and interesting once it is released.