We recently announced that certain items were going to disappear from your gift interface. When we did so, we realized that many of you weren't very familiar with the gift interface. We therefore felt a quick refresher could be helpful!

What is the Gift Interface? 


It is the interface that lets you recover your gifts.  

It is where you'll find the following:

  • your cosmetic items (bought in the shop, won in a contest, obtained via you Veteran Rewards, etc.) 
  • your items won in a Haven Bag lottery 
  • your Mystery Boxes 
  • your Twitch Drops 
  • your Sharivakens 
  • your Subscription Tokens 

That's great! But where exactly is it? 

That's a little more complicated!  

You can find some of your gifts directly on the DOFUS website.

The Online Gift Area:


In this area, you can open your blind boxes and use various tokens. However, you can't send your cosmetic items into the game, which makes sense because no destination server has been set!

Gifts When Choosing a Character:


Here, you can assign your various items to the character of your choice. In some ways, it's the opposite of the previous gift area. You cannot credit a blind box directly to a character – you must first open it to then credit the item inside it. Tokens work the same way.

The In-Game Gift Interface:


There is a specific gift interface in the game (shortcut "r"). In it, you can consume your blind boxes and tokens as well as assign your items to the currently logged in character.

IMPORTANT: Be careful of restrictions. Indeed, some items may not be compatible with specific servers. For example, an item designed specifically for Temporis will have a note saying that it is compatible only with Temporis servers. Another example is a DOFUS Retro item that cannot be sent to DOFUS. Therefore, please read the description of the desired item before confirming your purchase.

Always be very careful when assigning your gifts and make sure that you are on the right server!

What's this about tokens? Aren't subscriptions credited directly to my account? 


Subscriptions can come in two different formats:
  • When you buy a "classic" subscription (like the 1-year pack), the subscription days are credited directly to your account as soon as your purchase is confirmed.
  • When you get a subscription token, the token is not automatically activated. It is up to you to decide when you want to use it. For that, you need to go to your gift interface and activate the token (by clicking on the "Use" button).

Reminder: Subscriptions stack. When you add subscription time to your account, you do not overwrite the current subscription.

Expiration of Certain Gifts

As announced in this earlier article, some items will disappear from your gift interface on Tuesday, December 6, 2022.

Icons have been added so you can easily see which items are concerned:

Don't forget to collect your items before that date because it'll be too late afterwards!