There are several ways to reach blessed status. You can set yourself above the rest with your exploits, resilience, kind soul, or boldness. You could also get yourself an outfit that commands so much respect that everyone will just assume you're impressive! (Psst… We're referring to the Blessed Warrior Set here.)

Some warriors more than others deserve to have their time in the World of Twelve immortalized. Warriors whose acts of courage and charity must serve as examples to educate future generations.

Does that sound like you? Congratulations! Does that sound nothing like you? Hmmm… We should be able to come to come up with something. If you've got the right outfit on, people might end up thinking that you're praiseworthy and blessed too! The Blessed Warrior Set is just what you need! Once you've put it on, don't be surprised if people worship the ground you walk on or start to think you're a demi-deity!

As for the rest… We'll leave that up to your conscience!

The Blessed Warrior Set contains:

  • a Blessed Warrior's Shield* (shield)
  • a Blessed Warrior's Helmet* (headgear)
  • a Blessed Warrior's Pelisse* (cape)

Available in the shop until Wednesday, July 27 (11:59 p.m. Paris time) for €4.99!


* This set is made up of ceremonial items. If you dissociate a mimisymbiced item from a base item (with stats), you'll recover the mimisymbic, the ceremonial item, and the base item. The elements in the set will be linked to the account for 62 days.