Welcome to the summary of the first Tempo Weekly devoted to Osatopia and featuring Logan, Djinn, Kewel and Yaula. We decided to change the content of this livestream to discuss the events since this Temporis kicked off. 

Part 1: Problems Encountered


We thank you for your loyalty and trust despite the difficulties encountered. And we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

You can find a recap of the incidents that have occurred since last week by clicking here.

Didn't you test Temporis before its release? Why didn't you offer us a beta?

We did conduct extensive testing, but the fact is that testing on our scale does not yield the same results as in-situ with thousands of players.

We had decided to never open a beta phase for Temporis editions because we want to preserve the surprise and thrill of discovery that are central to the adventure. Another choice for Temporis is to produce as much content as we can, even knowing we can never fully test it all. Indeed, we want give you plenty to make sure the experience if fun and exciting rather than limiting ourselves and giving you a boring or empty experience.

That's why we aren't able to fully test every inch of Temporis content. In exchange, though, we do our utmost to react immediately when a problem is detected.

Generally speaking, with every maintenance, we perform what are called "smoke tests". That's to say, we test the most critical elements of the game: can fights be launched, can groups be created, can a quest be done, etc. But we cannot test each and every class, NPC, and feature – that would take way too much time.

To try to give you a good understanding of the situation with this "record-breaking" Temporis, here are a few numbers:

Number of players logging on at least once per day

In Temporis, we usually have a huge number of players and over time the number drops. In this edition, that number is still stable after almost one week of play.

Also know that pre-registration was much higher than it was for the earlier editions under the stay-at-home orders.

You can see the spike in simultaneous logons by players on launch.

This Temporis has found its audience, and we are truly glad!

A quick note about the Meriana server: We think there is a chance that certain data was not saved properly when restarting the server. We are currently investigating this possibility and will get back to you with more information as soon as possible.


We always do our utmost to avoid rollbacks no matter what! Many players don't return after a rollback.

Sadly, they must sometimes be done to save a server and its economy from becoming unplayable.


When we run into a problem, our first efforts go to solving the issue and keeping you informed about the situation. Until the incident has been resolved and we know how long the server was unavailable and any possible knock-on effects, it is impossible to determine compensation. But there always is and always will be some compensation – usually announced and distributed in the following days.

Part 2: Stats

The statistics below are dated July 5 at midnight (active players over 24 hrs.).

  • Median level in Temporis: level 69. This is the highest median level of all Temporis editions and a sign that progression is fast in Osatopia!
  • Highest level reached: level 230
  • Median number of Tempokens: 316
  • Maximum number of Tempokens earned: 2,296
  • 27,000,000 Tempokens have been unlocked.
  • The most frequently used starter is Feevaray, followed by Windive and Drilbit.
  • The most-used Modsters (excluding starters) in Temporis since it opened are Hoghostly and Shadomen.
  • The most-used Modsters yesterday are Magmacaque, Javox, Tumblegume, Flexibent and Safaridicule.
  • 9,739 Dofus have been obtained.

Part 3: Q&A

Can the experience sweet be used soon?
We take advantage of the Temporis experience to improve, roll out and test new mechanics. We wanted to modernize the blessing and curse system to replace them with a new system dubbed "alterations".
The technical issues in recent days (notably with prospecting and experience) are linked to this new feature. If we manage to solve the issue, everything will go back to working.

Will the dimensional portals be fixed?
Yes, the fix was rolled out during the July 5 maintenance. We changed the map editor for Unity, and that's what caused the issue to appear. (The new editor is what will let us give you beautiful effects in the future version.)

The Beastologist profession is difficult. Are you going to change it?
We've made it easier to advance in this profession and reduced the number of eternal ashes during the July 5 maintenance.

Will the modster Flexibent get nerfed?
You often point out the strong modsters, but rarely the weakest. The latter are the ones we'd really like to work on so that you don't all end up with exactly the same modsters.

Is the Stylizard going to get fixed?
The Stylizard was fixed on Tuesday, July 5.

Are you going to be at the Japan Expo in Paris?
Yes! Logan, Djinn, Alvi and Kewl will be at the Japan Expo. We hope to see a lot of you!
Reminder: An Ankama Live is scheduled for Thursday, July 14 at 2:00 p.m. (Paris time) live from the Japan Expo!

Are you going to make changes to the pods?
No changes are planned. The Earth path is not widely played, and we want to at least leave them that advantage. All kidding aside, you can level up professions if you want to be able to carry more items in your inventory.
We have, however, added a banker NPC and access to the guild chest on the crusher map in the ephemeral dimension to spare you trips back and forth between it and your bank chests!

The Twitch set is too hard to get! Are you going to change its drop rate?
Before, we gave out a code in the Twitch chat and the first person to use it won the content. Now, you all have an equal chance (0.01% for this set) of getting gifts.
Reminder: This gift is not exclusive to Temporis. It will be offered again in future Twitch Drop campaigns.

Are you going to work on the Incurable challenge?
Yes! It is going to be removed from Temporis.

Are you going to change some of the impossible achievements? (Barbaric)
While we can adjust the challenge system, we cannot change achievements without also impacting the traditional servers. This means we cannot correct certain impossible achievements.

Are you going to fix the Dopple challenges?
We're still looking for a solution so that they can appear in Temporis.

Do you have any information about the tournament?
We'll cover that subject in the next livestream from the Japan Expo.

Will the class change potion make it to the traditional DOFUS servers?
No. Unlike in Temporis – which is a temporary game mode – it would create too strong an advantage in the game. The rallying horn won't make an appearance either.

Are you going to fix the issue, making it so that Osamodas can't use their spells?
We are still looking for the source of the problem.

Why is the changelog only available after maintenance ends?
We test fixes before reopening so if something doesn't work we can update the changelog.

Additional Info

  • Recoverable Attire: There will be an NPC in the ephemeral dimension. He will let you collect the cosmetic rewards you've unlocked in the Temporis timeline on the classic servers.
    If you don't collect your items now, you will of course recover them at the end of the adventure!
  • Dofus and Badges: The Dofus' passives are not active on the Modsters. We've therefore created badges that are sold by the NPC Agent Jonesy. With them, the bonuses will work on your Modsters.
    To be able to buy them, you must have the associated Dofus in your inventory, earned through quests or drops. However, you can't equip the Dofus and its corresponding badge at the same time.
  • Kolossium rewards are also available from Agent Jonesy.
  • The number of osatokens earned by trading Modsters in the ephemeral dimension will be increased.